Pigot's Directory for South Wales, 1830 : Dyfed Entries

Surnames U-Z


SURNAME         FORENAME/TITLE         OCC ADDRESS                             TOWN
Uniack          John, esq.              aa                                     Laugharne
Upton           Thomas                  bs                                     Narberth
Upton           Thomas                  tp Globe                               Narberth
Upton           William                 cj Dock                                Pembroke

Van Heythuysen  Miss.                   aa                                     Laugharne
Vaughan         Capt. Hy.               aa Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Vaughan         David, gent.            aa                                     Fishguard
Vaughan         Edward                  cp Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Vaughan         Gwynne Gill, esq.       aa Jordaston                           Fishguard
Vaughan         James                   bs                                     Pembroke
Vaughan         James                   bs Bridge                              Haverfordwest
Vaughan         James                   tp New Inn                             Pembroke
Vaughan         Levi                    sd Grocer, Draper and Ironmonger       Fishguard
Vaughan         Major Herbert           aa Llangoedmore place                  Cardigan
Vaughan         Rev. Thomas             aa                                     Pembroke
Vaughan         William                 sd Butter merchant, Solva              St. David's
Vaughan         William                 sd Stone mason                         Fishguard
Vaughan & Luke                          if Quay street                         Carmarthen
Vickers         William                 bl                                     Narberth
Vincent         Dorothy                 sd Baker                               Fishguard
Vincent         Rev. Hny. Jas.          aa                                     St. Dogmells
Voyle           Lieut. Col. Elliot      aa Norton cottage                      Tenby
Voyle           Philip                  mi                                     Narberth

Waddle          Wm.                     if Lanmor Iron Works                   Llanelly
Wagner          Edwd.                   sd Boot & Shoe maker                   St. David's
Wagner          the Misses              ac                                     Cardigan
Wagner          T. P.                   aa Penallteifed                        Cardigan
Waldegrave      Charles                 su                                     Milford Haven
Waldergrove     Sarah                   ac                                     Milford Haven
Walkinton       Wm.                     sd Chymist & Druggist                  Tenby
Walter          George                  au Gloucester terrace                  Haverfordwest
Walter          Jacob                   we                                     St. Clears
Walter          Walter                  cp Water street                        Carmarthen
Walters         David                   pl                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Walters         David                   wc                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Walters         David                   ta                                     Llandovery
Walters         David                   tp Three Mariners, Quay                Carmarthen
Walters         Edward                  sh Market street                       Haverfordwest
Walters         George                  wf Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Walters         Matthew                 tp Three Crowns, King street           Haverfordwest
Walters         Morgan                  cj                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Walters         Richard                 gt Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Walters         Sarah                   md                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Walters         William                 tp Dolphin, St. Mary street            Haverfordwest
Walters, Voss   and Co.                 ba Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Warlow          Geo. Edmund             sh High street                         Haverfordwest
Warren          Thomas                  cd Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Warrington      Eleanor                 tp Old Black Lion, Bridge street       Aberystwyth
Waters          Mrs.                    aa Mill bank                           Carmarthen
Waters          Mrs. Margaret           aa                                     St. Clears
Waters          Thomas, esq.            aa                                     Laugharne
Waters, Jones   and Co.                 ba                                     Pembroke
Waters, Jones   and Co.,                ba King street                         Carmarthen
Watkins         David                   sm Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Watkins         Evan                    bs High street                         Aberystwyth
Watkins         Jane                    lh 1 Gloucester House, Terrace         Aberystwyth
Watkins         Joshua                  su Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Watkins         Joshua                  mi Priory street                       Carmarthen
Watkins         Joshua                  tc Priory street                       Carmarthen
Watkins         Lewis                   cj                                     Narberth
Watkins         Lewis                   tp Castle                              Narberth
Watkins         Martha                  tp St. David's Arms                    Milford Haven
Watkins         Richard                 lh North parade                        Aberystwyth
Watkins         William                 sd Queen street                        Aberystwyth
Watkins         Wm.                     tp Raven, Great Darkgate street        Aberystwyth
Watson          Elizabeth               ac Cambrian place                      Carmarthen
Watts & Williams                        sd Stonemasons, Upper Solva            St. David's
Weatherhead     Wm., gent.              aa John's town                         Carmarthen
Webb            James                   bu Dock                                Pembroke
Webb            John                    ta                                     Milford Haven
Webb            Miss. Jane              aa Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Webb            Oliver                  cc master of Flora                     Tenby
Webb            Thomas Taylor           td Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Webb            Thomas Taylor           ws Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Webb            William                 cm                                     Llanelly
Webster         Charles W. esq.         aa                                     Tenby
Wedge           John, esq.              aa Goodig                              Kidwelly
Wedgeberrow     Eliza & Mary Ann        ac Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Weir            Lieutenant Thos.        aa                                     St. Clears
Weir            Walter                  tp Navy Tavern, Dock                   Pembroke
Wells           John                    tp Lord Nelson                         Llanelly
Welsford        John                    sd Musician                            Tenby
Wemyss          Lieut-Col.              aa                                     Aberystwyth
Wheeler         William                 ws North parade                        Aberystwyth
Which           Mrs. Phillipa           aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Whitaker        John, gent              aa                                     Laugharne
White           Hannah and Son          bo King street                         Carmarthen
White           James                   bu Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
White           William                 bu Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Whiteside       Mrs. Martha             aa Solva                               St. David's
Wickland        Jas.                    sd Carpenter                           Tenby
Wier            Walter                  sm Dock                                Pembroke
Wilcock         Thos.                   sd Boot & Shoe maker                   St. David's
Wilcocks        John                    ms Slop seller                         Pembroke
Wildig          Robert                  ch St.James's square                   Aberystwyth
Wilkins         Dorothea                md Market street                       Haverfordwest
Wilkins         Dorothy                 sw Market street                       Haverfordwest
Wilkins         John                    ta                                     Laugharne
Williams        Ann                     hd                                     Llandovery
Williams        Ann                     ms Dressmaker                          Kidwelly
Williams        Ann                     md Gloucester terrace                  Haverfordwest
Williams        Ann                     gt High street                         Haverfordwest
Williams        Ann                     lw High street                         Haverfordwest
Williams        Ann                     tp Three Horse Shoes                   Llandovery
Williams        Ann                     lh Upper Portland street               Aberystwyth
Williams        Arthur                  gd                                     Narberth
Williams        Arthur                  ma                                     Narberth
Williams        Arthur                  tc                                     Narberth
Williams        Benjamin                ms Carpenter                           Kilgerran
Williams        Benjamin                sd Saddler                             Fishguard
Williams        Benjamin                sd Tiler                               St. Dogmells
Williams        Benjamin                ip White Bear                          Llangadock
Williams        Bridget                 lh 2 Alpha Cottage, Terrace            Aberystwyth
Williams        Catherine               tp Unicorn, Pier street                Aberystwyth
Williams        Charles Diggle          ar King street                         Carmarthen
Williams        Christopher             sd Stone mason                         St. David's
Williams        Daniel                  cl                                     Llandovery
Williams        Daniel                  gd                                     Llanelly
Williams        Daniel                  ar Quay street                         Carmarthen
Williams        Daniel                  ma Quay street                         Carmarthen
Williams        Daniel                  ms Stone mason                         Kilgerran
Williams        David                   gd                                     Laugharne
Williams        David                   bs                                     Llandovery
Williams        David                   pp                                     Llandovery
Williams        David                   sd                                     Llanelly
Williams        David                   pn Attorney                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Williams        David                   ip Bell                                Llangadock
Williams        David                   sd Boot & Shoemaker, Atpar             Newcastle-in-Eml
Williams        David                   jb Bow street                          Aberystwyth
Williams        David                   sm Bow street                          Aberystwyth
Williams        David                   sd Bridge-end                          Cardigan
Williams        David                   ms Carpenter                           Kilgerran
Williams        David                   cc from Bear                           Carmarthen
Williams        David                   cc from Emlyn Castle                   Newcastle-in-Eml
Williams        David                   cc from High street                    Cardigan
Williams        David                   fl Goose street                        Carmarthen
Williams        David                   sh Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Williams        David                   sd Joiner & Carpenter                  Fishguard
Williams        David                   sp King street                         Carmarthen
Williams        David                   ms Maltster                            Kidwelly
Williams        David                   ms Maltster                            Llangadock
Williams        David                   sm Mwldan                              Cardigan
Williams        David                   sm North gate                          Haverfordwest
Williams        David                   ip Original New Inn                    Kidwelly
Williams        David                   mi Pontcarreg Mill                     Carmarthen
Williams        David                   tp Red Lion                            Llandovery
Williams        David                   pn Surgeon                             Kidwelly
Williams        Ebenezer                su Peter street                        Carmarthen
Williams        Edward                  tp Drovers' Arms                       Llandovery
Williams        Edward                  tp Swan, St.James' square              Aberystwyth
Williams        Elinor                  ip White Hart                          Narberth
Williams        Elizabeth               sd                                     Newport
Williams        Elizbth.                sd                                     Milford Haven
Williams        Eliz.                   tc                                     Milford Haven
Williams        Emma                    cc Post Mistress, North parade         Aberystwyth
Williams        Esther                  bo Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Williams        Evan                    cj                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        Evan                    sh                                     Llandovery
Williams        Frances                 ms Day school                          Lampeter
Williams        Frances                 sp High street                         Cardigan
Williams        Francis                 tp George                              Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        George                  lh                                     Tenby
Williams        George                  sd Grocer and Butter merchant          St. David's
Williams        Griffith                sm                                     Llanelly
Williams        Griffith                bs Llanbadarn Fawr                     Aberystwyth
Williams        Henry                   tp Cambrian, Dock                      Pembroke
Williams        Henry                   wh Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Williams        Henry                   sd St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Williams        Hny.                    sd Grocer                              Tenby
Williams        Howell                  lh                                     Tenby
Williams        Hugh                    ar Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Williams        Hy., esq.               aa Gosport                             Laugharbe
Williams        Isaac                   sd Kennarth                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Williams        Isaac                   tp Miners' Arms                        Llandovery
Williams        J Lloyd Esq.,           aa Cwmcynvelin                         Aberystwyth
Williams        J N Esq.,               aa Castle hill                         Aberystwyth
Williams        James                   ge                                     Pembroke
Williams        James                   cc master of Providence                Pembroke
Williams        James                   tp Red Lion                            Pembroke
Williams        John                    cd                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        John                    ma                                     Narberth
Williams        John                    tc                                     Narberth
Williams        John                    cc                                     St. David's
Williams        John                    lh                                     Tenby
Williams        John                    lh 3 Terrace                           Aberystwyth
Williams        John                    tp Black Horse                         Tenby
Williams        John                    sd Boot & Shoe maker                   Fishguard
Williams        John                    lw Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Williams        John                    cp Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Williams        John                    ms Custom House surveyor               Llanelly
Williams        John                    cc from Greyhound                      Haverfordwest
Williams        John                    cl King street                         Carmarthen
Williams        John                    su King street                         Carmarthen
Williams        John                    cu Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Williams        John                    sh Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Williams        John                    ip Lion Royal Hotel, Queen street      Carmarthen
Williams        John                    ms Musician, Spilman street            Carmarthen
Williams        John                    tp Nag's Head, Darkgate                Carmarthen
Williams        John                    jb New Church street                   Aberystwyth
Williams        John                    tp Old Black Horse, Prendergast        Haverfordwest
Williams        John                    tp Old White Lion, Queen street        Carmarthen
Williams        John                    ar Quay street                         Carmarthen
Williams        John                    ta Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Williams        John                    wh Queen street                        Carmarthen
Williams        John                    ip Red Lion                            Lampeter
Williams        John                    ba Savings' Bank, Bridge st.           Aberystwyth
Williams        John                    bs Shaw lane                           Carmarthen
Williams        John                    ms Shoemaker                           Kidwelly
Williams        John                    ms Stone mason                         Kilgerran
Williams        John                    sd Stone mason                         St. David's
Williams        John                    sd Watch & Clock maker, Upper Solva    St. David's
Williams        John Griffith           su Cui lodge                           Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        John jun.               sh Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Williams        John Lloyd, esq.        aa Alderbrook hall                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Williams        John & Co.,             ir Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Williams        John, esq.              aa Freyarched                          St. David's
Williams        John, esq.              aa Trefolied                           Llandovery
Williams        John, esq.,             aa Job well                            Carmarthen
Williams        Joshua                  cb Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Williams        J. G. H. G.             aa Llwyn y wormwood                    Llandovery
Williams        Leoline                 tp George IV                           Llandovery
Williams        Letitia                 ac                                     Llanelly
Williams        Llewelyn                cl                                     Llandovery
Williams        Llewelyn                tp Six Bells                           Llandovery
Williams        Llewelyn Price          gd                                     Llandovery
Williams        Margaret                ms Milliner and Dress maker            Llangadock
Williams        Margaret                tp Six Bells, Llanbadarn Vawr          Aberystwyth
Williams        Margaretta              md                                     Llandovery
Williams        Maria                   sd Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Williams        Mary                    sd Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Williams        Mary                    ac Gloucester terrace                  Haverfordwest
Williams        Mary                    ms Grocer, Draper and Ironmonger       Llangadock
Williams        Mary                    bf Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Williams        Mary                    tp Swansea Castle, Water street        Carmarthen
Williams        Miss. A. L.             aa Priory street                       Carmarthen
Williams        Morris                  aa Cwmgloyn                            Newport
Williams        Mrs.                    aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Williams        Mrs. Frances            aa Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Williams        Mrs. Margaret           aa                                     Tenby
Williams        Mrs. Mary               aa Spring gardens                      Carmarthen
Williams        Nathaniel               lw Market street                       Haverfordwest
Williams        Peter                   tp Packet, Dock                        Pembroke
Williams        Peter                   pn Surgeon, Upr. Solva                 St. David's
Williams        Philip                  tp Ship & Anchor, Goodwick             Fishguard
Williams        Rcihard                 su North parade                        Aberystwyth
Williams        Rees                    sh                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        Rees                    ip Royal Oak                           Llangadock
Williams        Rees                    tp Three Compasses                     Llanelly
Williams        Rev. David              ac Free School, Priory street          Carmarthen
Williams        Rev. David A.           aa Quay street                         Carmarthen
Williams        Rev. John               aa Llandybie vicarage                  Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        Rev. Js. Propert        aa                                     Narberth
Williams        Rev. Thomas             aa                                     St. David's
Williams        Rice                    ps Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Williams        Rice                    bt Marine Baths                        Aberystwyth
Williams        Richard                 bl                                     Laugharne
Williams        Richard                 tp Farmers' Arms, Dock                 Pembroke
Williams        Richard                 pp Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Williams        Richard                 ip Ship Inn, Solva                     St. David's
Williams        Richard                 tp White Horse                         Newcastle-in-Eml
Williams        Richard                 tp White Horse, Great Darkgate street  Aberystwyth
Williams        Richard Bowen, esq.     aa Llandilo                            Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        Sarah                   ip Mariners, Mariners' square          Haverfordwest
Williams        Sarah                   fo Phoenix, St. Mary street            Haverfordwest
Williams        Sarah                   bo St. Mary street                     Haverfordwest
Williams        Sarah                   tp Swan                                Fishguard
Williams        Sir James H.            aa Edwinsford                          Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        Stephen                 cc                                     St. David's
Williams        Stephen                 cl Quay street                         Cardigan
Williams        Stephen                 gd Quay street                         Cardigan
Williams        Susan                   ma Quay street                         Cardigan
Williams        Thomas                  ma                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        Thomas                  ta                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        Thomas                  au                                     Llandovery
Williams        Thomas                  sh                                     Llanelly
Williams        Thomas                  bu                                     Milford Haven
Williams        Thomas                  su                                     Milford Haven
Williams        Thomas                  ar Blue street                         Carmarthen
Williams        Thomas                  sd Carpenter                           St. David's
Williams        Thomas                  ip Commercial Inn                      St. David's
Williams        Thomas                  tp Mason's Arms                        Newcastle-in-Eml
Williams        Thomas                  tn Pant y dwr                          Cardigan
Williams        Thomas                  gt Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Williams        Thomas                  sb Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Williams        Thomas                  sd Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Williams        Thomas                  tp Saddlers' Arms                      Llanelly
Williams        Thomas                  ph St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Williams        Thomas and Henry        ms Booksellers, Stationers and PrintersLlandilo-Fawr
Williams        Thos.                   sd Boot & Shoe maker                   Newport
Williams        Thos.                   sd Carpenter & Joiner                  Fishguard
Williams        Thos.                   bs Llanbadarn Fawr                     Aberystwyth
Williams        Ths.                    tp Carmarthen Arms, Cartlett           Haverfordwest
Williams        Ts.                     sd Auctioneer, Dolrannog               Newport
Williams        William                 bs                                     Laugharne
Williams        William                 cj                                     Laugharne
Williams        William                 sm                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Williams        William                 bs                                     Llandovery
Williams        William                 ma                                     Llandovery
Williams        William                 sh                                     Llandovery
Williams        William                 su                                     Llandovery
Williams        William                 ac                                     Llanelly
Williams        William                 sd                                     Llanelly
Williams        William                 bs Back street                         Haverfordwest
Williams        William                 fd Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Williams        William                 tp Carmarthen Arms, Queen street       Carmarthen
Williams        William                 cc Expedition                          Haverfordwest
Williams        William                 gt Great Darkgate stree                Aberystwyth
Williams        William                 pp Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Williams        William                 ms Grocer & Tallow chandler            Llangadock
Williams        William                 bs High street                         Aberystwyth
Williams        William                 cd High street                         Cardigan
Williams        William                 cl High street                         Cardigan
Williams        William                 ip King's Head                         Llangadock
Williams        William                 bs Market lane                         Cardigan
Williams        William                 gt Market street                       Haverfordwest
Williams        William                 tp Mill, Cartlett                      Haverfordwest
Williams        William                 ms Plasterer                           Pembroke
Williams        William                 cb Priory street                       Carmarthen
Williams        William                 cm Priory street                       Carmarthen
Williams        William                 wc Queen street                        Carmarthen
Williams        William                 tp Roe Buck                            Pembroke
Williams        William                 sd Rope maker                          Fishguard
Williams        William                 ms Saddler                             Llangadock
Williams        William                 sd Stone mason                         St. Dogmells
Williams        William, esq.           aa Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Williams        Wm.                     tp Castle, Lower Water street          Carmarthen
Williams        Wm.                     ms Flannel manufacturer                Llangadock
Williams        Wm.                     tp King George, Priory street          Carmarthen
Williams        & Co.                   bs                                     Pembroke
Williams & Jones                        ms Corn millers, Mwldan                Cardigan
Williams, Davies& Co.                   ba Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Willy           John                    ar Market street                       Haverfordwest
Willy           John, esq.              aa Market street                       Haverfordwest
Wilmot          William                 bo                                     Pembroke
Wilson          Capt. Thos.             aa                                     Kidwelly
Wilson          Lieut. Harry            aa Golden hill                         Pembroke
Wilson          Thomas                  sd Weaver                              Fishguard
Windsor         Thomas                  ws High street                         Cardigan
Wogan           Wm.                     bc                                     Pembroke
Wolseley        John                    ps North parade                        Aberystwyth
Woodcock        John                    tp Royal Oak, Little Darkgate street   Aberystwyth
Woodcock        Michael                 tp Melville Inn, Dock                  Pembroke
Woodhouse       Samuel                  tp Bird-in-Hand, Lamas street          Carmarthen
Woods           the Misses.             aa                                     Pembroke
Woods           Thomas                  gd                                     Laugharne
Woodward        George                  tc                                     Pembroke
Woolcot         Henry                   sd Stone mason                         Tenby
Woolstonecraft  Ed., gent.              aa Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Woozley         William                 tp White Horse, Priory street          Carmarthen
Worsley         Thomas                  mc Portland street                     Aberystwyth
Wort            George                  tp Barley Sheaf, Dock                  Pembroke
Wozencraft      Margaret                ac Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Wright          Mary                    ac                                     Narberth
Wright          Mrs.                    aa Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Wright          Mrs. Ann                aa Goat street                         Haverfordwest

X: none

Yalden          and Co.                 if                                     Llanelly
Yalden          William                 mi Steam Mill                          Carmarthen
Yarward         Thomas                  cj Dock                                Pembroke
Yeamans         Jos.                    pn Surgeon & Apothecary                Llangadock
Yeoman          John                    ms Leather cutter                      Pembroke
Young           John                    sd Carpenter                           St. David's
Young           Mrs. Catherine          aa Back street                         Haverfordwest
Young           Samuel                  ms Sail maker                          Llanelly

Z: none


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