Pigot's Directory for South Wales, 1830 : Dyfed Entries

Surnames S-T


SURNAME         FORENAME/TITLE         OCC ADDRESS                             TOWN
Saies           James                   pp                                     Milford Haven
Saies           Mary                    sw                                     Milford Haven
Saies           Mary Ann                md                                     Milford Haven
Saies           William                 sd                                     Milford Haven
Sales           Thomas                  bs                                     Milford Haven
Salmon          Capt. Chas. Hy.         aa St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Salmon          David                   sd Stone mason                         Newport
Salmon          James                   sd Stone mason                         Newport
Salter          Samuel                  ms Dock Yard Warden                    Pembroke
Sambruck        Ann                     tp Fishguard Arms, Tremansel           Fishguard
Sambruck        Mansel                  sd Grocer, Draper & Maltster           Fishguard
Samuel          Eleanor                 bs Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Samuel          John                    sd                                     Llanelly
Samuel          Morgan                  ms Tailor                              Kidwelly
Samuel          Rachl.                  sd Kennarth                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Samuelson       Captain                 aa Woodford                            Narberth
Saunders        Capt. R M               aa Ty mawr                             Aberayron
Saunders        John, esq.,             aa Glanahydw                           Carmarthen
Saunders        Miss. Frances           aa Church street                       Carmarthen
Saunders        Mrs David               aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Saunders        Rev. Samuel Walker      aa                                     Pembroke
Saunders        Rev. Samuel Walker      ac                                     Pembroke
Savage          Capt.                   ms Dock Yard Superintendent            Pembroke
Sayer           John                    ms Earthenware and Basket dealer       Laugharne
Scandrett       Catherine               bf Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Scandrett       Wm.                     tc Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Scandrett       Wm.                     ws Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Scott           Captain Edward          aa                                     St. Clears
Scott           Lavinia                 tp Hibernian Tavern                    Milford Haven
Scourfield      Esau                    cj                                     Narberth
Scowcroft       James                   ar                                     Haverfordwest
Scowcroft       Jas.                    fo Atlas                               Haverfordwest
Scowcroft       Mrs. Eliza              aa Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Scurry          John                    sd Abergwilly                          Carmarthen
Sedger          John                    tp Green Dragon                        Laugharne
Sexton          James                   tp Swan                                Milford Haven
Seymour         Rt. Hon. Lord Robert    aa Taliaris                            Llandilo-Fawr
Shankland       George & Rees           gt Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Shankland       Geo. & Rees             lw St. Mary street                     Carmarthen
Shears          and Sons                cs Spitty Works                        Llanelly
Shelby          Martha                  ac National School                     Aberystwyth
Sheldon         Job                     me Trevechan                           Aberystwyth
Shelton         William                 bs                                     Narberth
Sheriff         S. L.                   aa Stradmore hill                      Cardigan
Sheriff         S. L.                   ps Stradmore hill                      Cardigan
Shireff         J. L., esq.             aa Stradmore hill                      Newcastle-in-Eml
Simmon          Daniel                  sd Brazier & Tinman                    Fishguard
Simmonds        Ann                     ip St. David's Arms                    St. David's
Simmonds        Henry                   tp Plume of Feathers, Lower Town       Fishguard
Simmons         Susannah                tp New Inn                             Milford Haven
Sinnott         gent.                   aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Sirman          Jno.                    ta Cambrian place                      Carmarthen
Skeel           Thomas                  tp Ship                                Laugharne
Skinner         Francis                 co Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Skyrme          Miss. C.                aa Market street                       Haverfordwest
Sleeman         Thomas                  sd Wine & Spirits                      Tenby
Smith           Ambrose                 sd Plasterer                           Tenby
Smith           Charles                 ps Blackbridge                         Milford Haven
Smith           Esther                  co High street                         Haverfordwest
Smith           Henry                   ro Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Smith           John                    lh 3 Prospect place                    Aberystwyth
Smith           John                    sd Butcher                             Tenby
Smith           John                    sd Maltster                            Fishguard
Smith           John                    la Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Smith           Mrs. Jane               aa Bloomfield                          Narberth
Smith           Sarah                   lh                                     Tenby
Smith           Thomas                  tp Masons' Arms                        Tenby
Smith           William                 wc                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Smyth           David                   tp Angel                               Narberth
Sneyd           Charles                 le                                     Llanelly
Sourfield       William Henry, esq.     aa Robertson hall                      Milford Haven
Spencer         Elizabeth               sd High street                         Haverfordwest
Spurell         Richard                 fo King street                         Carmarthen
Spurrell        Richard                 ma King street                         Carmarthen
Spurrell        Richard                 po King street                         Carmarthen
Stacey          Ann                     lw Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Stacey          John Jas.               cb Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Stacey          John Jas.               fo Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Stacey          William                 fo Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Stacey & Jenkins                        su Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Stackpole       George, esq.            aa                                     Laugharne
Stanley         William                 ip Falcon                              Llanelly
Starbuck        Gayer                   me American vice-consul                Milford Haven
Starbuck        Gayer                   ag to Lloyd's                          Milford Haven
Starbuck        Paul                    me                                     Milford Haven
Starke          Mrs. Elizabeth          aa                                     Laugharne
Stephens        Alfred Esq.,            aa North parade                        Aberystwyth
Stephens        David                   sd Sail maker                          Fishguard
Stephens        Edward, esq.,           aa Glogddu                             Carmarthen
Stephens        George                  sd Blacksmith                          St. David's
Stephens        George                  ha King street                         Carmarthen
Stephens        Henry                   cc Post Master                         St. David's
Stephens        James                   ms Law agent, Chalybeate terrace       Aberystwyth
Stephens        Owen, gent.             aa Berton                              Kidwelly
Stephens        Philip                  as                                     Milford Haven
Stephens        Stephen                 bl                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Stephens        William                 bl St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Stephens        Wm.                     tp Smiths' Arms, St. Martin's          Haverfordwest
Stephens & Roberts                      as                                     Milford Haven
Stephenson      Mrs.                    aa Starling park                       Carmarthen
Stevens         George                  ms Painter & Glazier                   Llangadock
Stevens         George                  pn Town Clerk                          Kidwelly
Stevens         James                   lh                                     Tenby
Stevens         James                   sd Grocer                              Tenby
Stevenson       Mrs. Mary               aa Glo'ster terrace                    Haverfordwest
Stewart         George                  tp Stag and Pheasant, Spilman street   Carmarthen
Stodden         Walter                  tp Shipwrights' Arms, Dock             Pembroke
Stokes          Anthony Innis, esq.     aa St. Botolph's                       Milford Haven
Stribling       Thomas                  ac                                     Milford Haven
Strickland      John, esq.              aa Newcastle                           Newcastle-in-Eml
Strugnal        Lieut. Wm.              aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Summers         James                   ar St. Mary street                     Haverfordwest
Summers         Rev. James              aa King street                         Haverfordwest
Summers         Richard                 su Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Summers         Wm. Bowlas, gent.       aa Moor                                Milford Haven
Surman          Mary Ann                sw                                     Pembroke
Sutton          John                    cc George and Jane                     Carmarthen
Sutton          John                    tp Ship & Castle, Quay street          Carmarthen
Sutton          William                 sd King street                         Haverfordwest
Sweels          Thos.                   ch St.James's square                   Aberystwyth
Symes           Edward Bowles, esq.     aa Brynhafod                           Llandilo-Fawr
Symmons         Martha                  bf                                     Milford Haven
Symonds         John                    ph Queen street                        Carmarthen

Tardrew         Samuel                  cd King street                         Carmarthen
Tardrew         Thos.                   cd Guild-hall square                   Carmarthen
Tardrew & Morris                        sp King street                         Carmarthen
Tasker          Joseph                  pt Cleveland row                       Haverfordwest
Taylor          James Endell            ac Professor, St. David's College      Lampeter
Taylor          Thos., esq.,            aa Guild-hall square                   Carmarthen
Thomas          Abraham                 sd Hatter                              St. Dogmells
Thomas          Alfred                  sm                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Alfred                  sl Market street                       Haverfordwest
Thomas          Ann                     ac                                     Laugharne
Thomas          Ann                     tp Blue Anchor, Lower Town             Fishguard
Thomas          Ann                     ms Dressmaker                          Kidwelly
Thomas          Ann                     sd St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Thomas          Anna                    sd Grocer and Draper                   Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Benjamin                fo Atlas                               Narberth
Thomas          Benjamin                ms Tea dealer                          Narberth
Thomas          Benjamin and Son        bm                                     Narberth
Thomas          Catherine               bc St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Thomas          Daniel                  bu                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Daniel                  gd                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Daniel                  cc                                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Daniel                  cc from Prosser's warehouse, Lamas streCarmarthen
Thomas          Daniel                  cj Goat street                         Haverfordwest
Thomas          Daniel                  tp Lamb, Atpar                         Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Daniel Shewen           ws                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Daniel Shewen           fo Guardian                            Pembroke
Thomas          David                   cj                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          David                   ma                                     Llandovery
Thomas          David                   mi                                     Llandovery
Thomas          David                   sm                                     Llandovery
Thomas          David                   gd                                     Llanelly
Thomas          David                   ir                                     Llanelly
Thomas          David                   ta                                     Llanelly
Thomas          David                   gd                                     Narberth
Thomas          David                   ir                                     Narberth
Thomas          David                   tc                                     St. Clears
Thomas          David                   ms Blacksmith                          Kilgerran
Thomas          David                   ac Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   ms Fishmonger & Poulterer, Spilman streCarmarthen
Thomas          David                   gd High street                         Cardigan
Thomas          David                   ir High street                         Cardigan
Thomas          David                   fd Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   gt Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   sd Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   ac Lancasterian School, Cambrian place Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   pc Magazine row                        Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   ip Old Ivy Bush, King street           Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   sd Priory street                       Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   cc Providence                          Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   ms Shoemaker                           Kilgerran
Thomas          David                   ms Shopkeeper                          Lampeter
Thomas          David                   tc St. Mary street                     Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   sd Tailor                              St. Dogmells
Thomas          David                   gt Water street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          David                   sm Waterloo terrace                    Carmarthen
Thomas          David, esq.             aa                                     Llangadock
Thomas          Dvd., jun.              cj                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Edward                  cc from the Eagle                      Aberystwyth
Thomas          Elinor, Maria & Sarah   md St. Mary street                     Carmarthen
Thomas          Elinor, Maria & Sarah   sw St. Mary street                     Carmarthen
Thomas          Elizabeth               tp Half Moon                           Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Elizabeth               gt King street                         Carmarthen
Thomas          Elizabeth               ms Straw Hat maker                     Llandovery
Thomas          Evan                    bl                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Evan                    gd                                     St. Clears
Thomas          Evan                    fd King street                         Carmarthen
Thomas          Evan                    ma King street                         Carmarthen
Thomas          Evan                    sd Priory street                       Carmarthen
Thomas          Evan                    ms Shopkeeper                          Lampeter
Thomas          George                  bs                                     Milford Haven
Thomas          George                  ta Market lane                         Cardigan
Thomas          George                  ar Quay street                         Carmarthen
Thomas          George                  gt St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Thomas          George                  sd Tailor                              Tenby
Thomas          Grace                   md St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Thomas          Griffith                sd Tallow chandler                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Henry                   gv                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Henry                   sm                                     St. Clears
Thomas          Henry                   tp Masons' Arms                        St. Clears
Thomas          Henry                   sd St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Thomas          Hny.                    sd Boot &c. maker, Solva               St. David's
Thomas          Hugh                    wc Darkgate                            Carmarthen
Thomas          Hugh                    cd Market street                       Haverfordwest
Thomas          Isaac                   ph King street                         Carmarthen
Thomas          Isaac                   bo St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Thomas          Isaac                   lh Upper Portland street               Aberystwyth
Thomas          James                   ar                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          James                   gd                                     Narberth
Thomas          James                   sd Glove maker                         Newport
Thomas          James                   ph High street                         Cardigan
Thomas          James                   bo High street                         Haverfordwest
Thomas          James                   sd Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Thomas          James                   bs Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Thomas          James, esq.             aa Caeglus                             Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          James, esq.             aa Lamphey park                        Pembroke
Thomas          James, gent.            aa Rudstone                            Narberth
Thomas          Jane                    sd                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Jane                    ms Dressmaker                          Kidwelly
Thomas          Jane                    tp Fishguard Arms, Bridge              Haverfordwest
Thomas          Jane                    tp Vine, St. Martin's                  Haverfordwest
Thomas          Jas.                    ta Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Thomas          Jenkin                  ms Maltster                            Kidwelly
Thomas          Jenkin                  ip Wheat Sheaf                         Kidwelly
Thomas          Jno.                    sd Blacksmith, Kennarth                Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Jno.                    ip Blue Boar                           St. Clears
Thomas          John                    pp                                     Llandovery
Thomas          John                    sm                                     Milford Haven
Thomas          John                    gd                                     Narberth
Thomas          John                    su                                     Narberth
Thomas          John                    cp                                     Pembroke
Thomas          John                    ge                                     Pembroke
Thomas          John                    cl Back street                         Haverfordwest
Thomas          John                    tp Black Lion                          St. Clears
Thomas          John                    ms Blacksmith                          Kidwelly
Thomas          John                    sd Boot & Shoe maker                   Tenby
Thomas          John                    tp Buffalo, Cross                      Carmarthen
Thomas          John                    to Commercial Tavern                   Narberth
Thomas          John                    sd Dock                                Pembroke
Thomas          John                    sd Gardener                            St. Dogmells
Thomas          John                    lw Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          John                    ma Pen y wern                          Llanelly
Thomas          John                    fd Peter street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          John                    tp Royal Exchange, Peter street        Carmarthen
Thomas          John                    ms Ship builder                        Llanelly
Thomas          John                    sd Shoe maker, Kennarth                Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          John                    ms Shoemaker                           Kilgerran
Thomas          John                    ms Shopkeeper                          Lampeter
Thomas          John                    sd Stone mason                         Tenby
Thomas          John                    bs St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Thomas          John                    ta St. Mary street                     Carmarthen
Thomas          John                    tp Three Horse Shoes, Kennarth         Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          John                    bl Water street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          John                    bl Wood street                         Carmarthen
Thomas          John Howell             pn Surgeon                             Lampeter
Thomas          Joseph                  au                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Joseph                  sd                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Joseph                  tp Farmers' Arms                       Llanelly
Thomas          Joseph                  ms Rope maker                          Pembroke
Thomas          Joshua                  cj                                     Laugharne
Thomas          Joshua Morgan           gd near the Green                      Cardigan
Thomas          Letitia                 tc                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Lewis                   fl Priory street                       Carmarthen
Thomas          Margaret                ma                                     Laugharne
Thomas          Margaret                ip New Inn                             Kidwelly
Thomas          Martha                  bc                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Martha                  bu St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Thomas          Mary                    gd                                     Narberth
Thomas          Mary                    ms Baker                               Llangadock
Thomas          Mary                    ip Boot and Shoe                       Kidwelly
Thomas          Mary                    fd Cross                               Carmarthen
Thomas          Mary                    ip Farmers' Arms                       Newport
Thomas          Mary Ann                sd                                     Newport
Thomas          Michael                 bs                                     Narberth
Thomas          Miss. Mary              aa                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Morgan                  bu                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Mrs. Major              aa Barn row                            Carmarthen
Thomas          Mrs. Margaret           aa Newcastle                           Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Owen                    gd                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Owen                    ms Bookbinder, Gloucester terrace      Haverfordwest
Thomas          Peter                   tp Jolly Sailor, Lower Town            Fishguard
Thomas          Philip                  ms Blacksmith                          Llangadock
Thomas          Philip                  ip Three Horse Shoes                   Llangadock
Thomas          Rev. David Thos.        aa                                     St. Clears
Thomas          Rev. Griffith           aa Church yard                         Cardigan
Thomas          Rev. James              ac Free Grammar School, Dew street     Haverfordwest
Thomas          Rev. James              aa Goat street                         Haverfordwest
Thomas          Rev. James, jun.        aa Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Thomas          Rev. John               aa Queen street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          Rev. Joseph             aa Picton terrace                      Carmarthen
Thomas          Rev. Llewelyn Lloyd     aa Court house                         Newport
Thomas          Rev. Wm.                aa Michaelstone                        Aberayron
Thomas          Richard                 cc from Shut street                    Haverfordwest
Thomas          Richard                 cj High street                         Aberystwyth
Thomas          Richard                 bs Spurrell's court                    Carmarthen
Thomas          Rich.                   cc from Golden Lion                    Pembroke
Thomas          Roger                   sd Tawer                               Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Saml.                   tp Framers' Arms, Water street         Carmarthen
Thomas          Samuel                  bo Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Thomas          Stephen                 gd                                     Laugharne
Thomas          the Misses.             aa                                     Laugharne
Thomas          Thomas                  bs                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Thomas                  bu                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Thomas                  gd                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Thomas                  bf                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Thomas                  cj                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Thomas                  pl                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Thomas                  tm                                     Llandovery
Thomas          Thomas                  cj                                     Narberth
Thomas          Thomas                  gl                                     Narberth
Thomas          Thomas                  gv                                     Narberth
Thomas          Thomas                  bs                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Thomas                  su Belmore                             Narberth
Thomas          Thomas                  tp Bush                                Narberth
Thomas          Thomas                  bu Cambrian place                      Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  ma Coombach                            Llanelly
Thomas          Thomas                  ip Golden Lion                         Pembroke
Thomas          Thomas                  ms Grocer, Draper & Ironmonger         Llangadock
Thomas          Thomas                  tp Island House, Quay                  Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  pc King street                         Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  sd Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  ip Mason's Arms                        Kidwelly
Thomas          Thomas                  cc master of Emerald Isle              Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  tp Plume of Feathers                   Llandovery
Thomas          Thomas                  cc Post Master                         Llangadock
Thomas          Thomas                  au Priory street                       Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  sc Priory street                       Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  tp Red Lion, St. Mary street           Cardigan
Thomas          Thomas                  sm Shaw lane                           Carmarthen
Thomas          Thomas                  ms Shoemaker                           Kilgerran
Thomas          Thomas                  sd Tailor                              St. Dogmells
Thomas          Thomas                  ms Tallow Chandler                     Lampeter
Thomas          Thomas                  ms Timber dealer                       Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Thomas, gent.           aa                                     Narberth
Thomas          Thomas, gent.           aa                                     Pembroke
Thomas          Ths.                    ip Pelican                             Kidwelly
Thomas          Ths., esq.              aa Cefencethyn cottage                 Llandilo-Fawr
Thomas          Timothy                 sd Maltster                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Timothy                 cc Post Master                         Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          Titus                   sd Maltster                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Thomas          William                 cj                                     Llandovery
Thomas          William                 gd                                     Llandovery
Thomas          William                 bs Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Thomas          William                 cj Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Thomas          William                 tp Globe, Cleveland row                Haverfordwest
Thomas          William                 cc Industry                            Carmarthen
Thomas          William                 ha Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Thomas          William                 lw Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Thomas          William                 bs Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Thomas          William                 ms Stone mason & Builder               Llangadock
Thomas          William George          ma Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Thomas          Wm.                     ta Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Thompson        Fanny                   sw St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Timmins         & Sons                  wa King street                         Carmarthen
Timothy         Henry                   tp Golden Lion                         Llandovery
Tobias          Evan                    wc                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Tobias          Evan                    tp George and Dragon                   Llandilo-Fawr
Tobin           Richard                 su                                     Pembroke
Tobin           Richard                 ms Dock Yard Surgeon                   Pembroke
Tombs           Joseph                  bm Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Tombs           Joseph                  gt Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Tombs           Joseph                  tc Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Tracey          John                    ip Bear                                Llandilo-Fawr
Traneker        Rev. Ignatius           aa Green                               Haverfordwest
Treble          Eliza                   bo Dock                                Pembroke
Treble          Eliza                   ws Dock                                Pembroke
Tregenna        Richard                 cj Dock                                Pembroke
Tregerthen      Anty.                   ms Harbour Master                      Llanelly
Tregerthen      Sarah                   md                                     Llanelly
Trehearn        John, esq.              aa                                     St. Clears
Trehearn        Mrs. Sarah              aa                                     Laugharne
Trewent         Ann                     sw                                     Pembroke
Trewent         Mary                    tp Bush                                Pembroke
Trewent         Wm.                     gd and Dock                            Pembroke
Tribe           Jane                    sd Dock                                Pembroke
Truscott        James                   tp Plough                              Pembroke
Truscott        Lewis                   bu                                     Pembroke
Truscott        Lewis                   tc                                     Pembroke
Truscott        Lewis                   wc Short row                           Haverfordwest
Tucker          Charles, gent.          aa                                     Pembroke
Tucker          W. Edvardes, esq.       aa Sealy Ham                           Haverfordwest
Tucker          W. E. esq.              aa Sealyham                            Fishguard
Tudor           Capt. William           aa                                     Tenby
Tudor           Mrs. Elizabeth          aa                                     Tenby
Turner          Edward                  bo Gloucester terrace                  Haverfordwest
Twigg           Jane                    tp Sun, Dock                           Pembroke
Twyning         Captain                 aa Llampeter house                     Narberth
Twyning         William Henry           su Bridge street                       Haverfordwest


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