Pigot's Directory for South Wales, 1830 : Dyfed Entries

Surnames Q-R


SURNAME         FORENAME/TITLE         OCC ADDRESS                             TOWN
Q: No entries

Rabey           Alexander               si                                     Llanelly
Ramshire        William                 ms Veterinary surgeon, North parade    Aberystwyth
Randall         Francis                 ip Hope & Anchor                       Kidwelly
Raymond         Thomas, esq.            aa Bank house, nr. Solva               St. David's
Reed            Evan                    cc                                     Fishguard
Reed            Evan                    cc from Fishguard Arms                 Haverfordwest
Reed            Francis, gent.          aa Quay street                         Carmarthen
Reed            Levi                    sd Grocer & Draper                     Fishguard
Rees            and Sons                cc from Old Tun and Thistle            Haverfordwest
Rees            Ann                     lh                                     Tenby
Rees            Ann                     ms Confectioner                        Narberth
Rees            Ann                     tp Union Packet                        Milford Haven
Rees            Anna                    tp Pelican                             Newcastle-in-Eml
Rees            Benjamin                gt High street                         Haverfordwest
Rees            Benjamin                sp Queen street                        Carmarthen
Rees            Daniel                  wc                                     Narberth
Rees            Daniel                  pl Baker street                        Aberystwyth
Rees            David                   bl                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            David                   gv                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            David                   sd Blacksmith                          Newport
Rees            David                   sk Cambrian place                      Carmarthen
Rees            David                   cc Good Hope                           Aberayron
Rees            David                   cu Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Rees            David                   gd High street                         Cardigan
Rees            David                   ir High street                         Cardigan
Rees            David                   tc High street                         Cardigan
Rees            David                   tc Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Rees            David                   tp New Inn, Great Darkgate street      Aberystwyth
Rees            David                   wh Old Rope walk                       Aberystwyth
Rees            David                   bl Priory street                       Carmarthen
Rees            David                   ga Priory street                       Carmarthen
Rees            David                   ms Tin-plate worker                    Milford Haven
Rees            David Rice              bo                                     Llandovery
Rees            David Rice              pr                                     Llandovery
Rees            David Rice              cc Post Master                         Llandovery
Rees            David, gent.            aa Picton terrace                      Carmarthen
Rees            David, gent.            aa Priory street                       Carmarthen
Rees            Edward                  ph Cross                               Carmarthen
Rees            Edward                  aa Pantydery                           Cardigan
Rees            Elinor                  ip Greyhound                           Kidwelly
Rees            Elizabeth               tp Three Tuns                          Milford Haven
Rees            Evan & Son              cb Priory street                       Carmarthen
Rees            Frances                 md                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            George & Co.,           gt Peter street                        Carmarthen
Rees            Griffith                sm                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            Henry J.                ms Clerk of the Peace, High street     Haverfordwest
Rees            Henry J., esq.          aa High street                         Haverfordwest
Rees            Isaac                   mi Cartlett Mill                       Haverfordwest
Rees            Jacob                   sd Rope maker                          Tenby
Rees            James                   ha Lower Water street                  Carmarthen
Rees            James                   cc master of Betsey                    Tenby
Rees            Jane & Lettice          md St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Rees            John                    bf                                     Laugharne
Rees            John                    ar                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            John                    pl                                     Llandovery
Rees            John                    mi                                     Llanelly
Rees            John                    cc                                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Rees            John                    cc Favorite Nancy                      St. David's
Rees            John                    cc from Bear                           Carmarthen
Rees            John                    ms Grocer and Draper                   Kidwelly
Rees            John                    mi Priory Mill                         Haverfordwest
Rees            John                    cj Strand                              Cardigan
Rees            John                    tp White Lion                          Llandovery
Rees            John, esq.              aa                                     St. Dogmells
Rees            Martha                  sd Baker                               Tenby
Rees            Mary                    md Gloucester terrace                  Haverfordwest
Rees            Mary                    sd Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Rees            Miss. Rebecca           aa St. Mary street                     Carmarthen
Rees            Mrs. Jane               aa John's town                         Carmarthen
Rees            Mrs. Mary               aa Sackville terrace                   Llandovery
Rees            Nathaniel               su                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            Owen                    cj Bridge-end                          Cardigan
Rees            Owen                    tp Farmers' Arms                       Llandovery
Rees            Rebecca                 md Tower hill                          Haverfordwest
Rees            Rees                    bp Mwldan                              Cardigan
Rees            Rees                    tp Sun                                 Llandovery
Rees            Rev. Js.                aa Court house, St. Martin's           Haverfordwest
Rees            Rev. Rice               aa                                     Lampeter
Rees            Rev. Rice               ac Professor, St. David's College      Lampeter
Rees            Richard                 ar Cross                               Carmarthen
Rees            Richard                 bf King street                         Haverfordwest
Rees            Richard                 co King street                         Haverfordwest
Rees            Richard                 bs Portland street                     Aberystwyth
Rees            Robert                  bu                                     Llanelly
Rees            Robert                  gd                                     Llanelly
Rees            Rose                    tp Ball                                Laugharne
Rees            Thomas                  cj                                     Narberth
Rees            Thomas                  gd                                     St. Clears
Rees            Thomas                  ir                                     St. Clears
Rees            Thomas                  ma                                     St. Clears
Rees            Thomas                  lh                                     Tenby
Rees            Thomas                  sd Bridge                              Haverfordwest
Rees            Thomas                  tp Britannia, Great Darkgate street    Aberystwyth
Rees            Thomas                  sd Carpenter                           Newcastle-in-Eml
Rees            Thomas                  sd Glazier                             Newcastle-in-Eml
Rees            Thomas                  cc Post Master                         St. Clears
Rees            Thomas                  ms Stone mason                         Kilgerran
Rees            Thomas, gent.           aa Abergwilly                          Carmarthen
Rees            William                 gd                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            William                 ir                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            William                 mi                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            William                 bo                                     Llandovery
Rees            William                 pr                                     Llandovery
Rees            William                 ta                                     Llanelly
Rees            William                 lh                                     Tenby
Rees            William                 sd Abergwilly                          Carmarthen
Rees            William                 sd Blacksmith                          St. Dogmells
Rees            William                 ms Butcher                             Kidwelly
Rees            William                 ih Globe Hotel                         Tenby
Rees            William                 gt Gloucester terrace                  Haverfordwest
Rees            William                 cc James                               Tenby
Rees            William                 gt King street                         Haverfordwest
Rees            William                 ta Penbre                              Cardigan
Rees            William                 gt St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Rees            William                 gv St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Rees            William                 fo Sun                                 Llandovery
Rees            & Son                   cc                                     Narberth
Rees            & Son                   cc from Castle                         Llandilo-Fawr
Rees            & Son                   cc from Red Lion                       Llandovery
Rees            & Son                   cc Waggons of Quay street              Carmarthen
Rees            & Sons                  cc from Angel                          Pembroke
Rees            & Sons                  cc from Cobourg                        Tenby
Reese           Rev.                    aa Carew                               Pembroke
Relly           Richard                 bf Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Relly           William                 wf Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Reynett         Capt. Jas. Henry        aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Reynolds        Charles                 sd Grocer                              Tenby
Reynolds        Esther                  lh 7 Terrace                           Aberystwyth
Reynolds        George                  bu Water street                        Carmarthen
Reynolds        John                    tp Ship & Castle                       Tenby
Reynolds        Michael                 ps High street                         Haverfordwest
Reynolds        Thomas                  lh                                     Tenby
Reynolds        Thomas                  sd Blacksmith                          Tenby
Reynolds        Thos.                   tp Fox & Hounds, King street           Haverfordwest
Rhyddrech       Jane                    tp White Horse                         Llandilo-Fawr
Rhyddrech       William                 tp Welcome to Town                     Llandilo-Fawr
Rice            Capt. Walter            aa Llwynybrain                         Llandovery
Rice            David                   fo Sun                                 Llandovery
Richard         David, gent.            aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Richard         Wm.                     tc Llanbadarn Vawr                     Aberystwyth
Richards        Catherine               gt Green                               Haverfordwest
Richards        Danl. Robt.             sd Boot &c. maker                      Tenby
Richards        David                   bs Bridge-end                          Cardigan
Richards        David                   tp Farmer's Arms, Market lane          Cardigan
Richards        David                   sd Tailor                              Newport
Richards        Edward                  bs                                     Milford Haven
Richards        Esther                  tp Hope & Anchor, Quay street          Carmarthen
Richards        George                  tp Ship                                St. Dogmells
Richards        Henry                   cc master of Supply                    Haverfordwest
Richards        Henry                   ms Music seller, Upper Market street   Carmarthen
Richards        Henry                   ip Tower                               St. David's
Richards        Hny.                    cc master of Draper                    Milford Haven
Richards        Hugh                    as                                     Milford Haven
Richards        Jacob, esq. (Mayor)     aa Croft house                         Tenby
Richards        James                   sd Tallow chandler                     Fishguard
Richards        John                    bu                                     Llandovery
Richards        John                    cj                                     Pembroke
Richards        John                    ip Black Lion                          Llangadock
Richards        John                    cj Bow street                          Aberystwyth
Richards        John                    tp Butchers' Arms                      Llandovery
Richards        John                    tp Champion                            Milford Haven
Richards        John                    ag French pro-consul                   Milford Haven
Richards        John                    bf Little Darkgate street              Aberystwyth
Richards        John                    ta Little Darkgate street              Aberystwyth
Richards        John                    gt Tower hill                          Haverfordwest
Richards        Lieut. John             aa Solva                               St. David's
Richards        R Esq.,                 aa Penglais                            Aberystwyth
Richards        Rees                    ms National School                     Lampeter
Richards        Rev. Thomas             aa Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Richards        Richard                 sd Corn miller                         St. Dogmells
Richards        Thomas                  sd Chymist                             Fishguard
Richards        Thomas                  sd Maltster                            Fishguard
Richards        Thomas                  cc master of Cambrian Packet           Haverfordwest
Richards        Thomas                  cc Perseverance                        Milford Haven
Richards        Thomas                  me Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Richards        Thos.                   sd Carpenter                           St. Dogmells
Richards        Ths., jun.              tp Union Tavern, Quay                  Haverfordwest
Richards        William                 sm                                     Milford Haven
Richards        Wm.                     sd Llanbadarn Vawr                     Aberystwyth
Richards        Wm. Esq.,               aa Brymeithin                          Aberystwyth
Richards        & Co.                   sm Priory street                       Carmarthen
Richards and Relly                      co High street                         Haverfordwest
Richards & Williams                     sd Corn & Timber merchants             Fishguard
Richardson      Rev. Arthur             aa                                     St. David's
Richardson      Rev. W.                 aa                                     St. David's
Riddell         Margaret                lh Moreland House                      Aberystwyth
Riggards        Edward                  tp Crown, Bridge end                   Haverfordwest
Roach           Benjamin                ip Mariners'                           Newport
Roach           William                 sd Blacksmith                          St. David's
Robbin          John                    tp New Inn, Cleveland row              Haverfordwest
Robbin          Thomas                  au Shut street                         Haverfordwest
Roberts         Ann                     bf                                     Milford Haven
Roberts         Ann                     tp Globe                               Fishguard
Roberts         Ann                     tp Shipwrights' Arms                   Milford Haven
Roberts         David                   tc                                     Llanelly
Roberts         David                   tp Black Ox, Spilman street            Carmarthen
Roberts         David                   au High street                         Cardigan
Roberts         David                   ac National School, High street        Cardigan
Roberts         David                   lw New Market place                    Aberystwyth
Roberts         David                   tp Union                               Llanelly
Roberts         Ellen                   ac                                     Tenby
Roberts         Henry                   tp Ship                                Llanelly
Roberts         Jas.                    sd Grocer, Solva                       St. David's
Roberts         John                    gd                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Roberts         John                    bs                                     Llanelly
Roberts         John                    gd                                     Llanelly
Roberts         John                    ir                                     Llanelly
Roberts         John                    lw Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Roberts         John                    ha Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Roberts         John                    ma Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Roberts         John                    tn Mill street                         Aberystwyth
Roberts         John                    cc Sybil                               Milford Haven
Roberts         John, esq.              aa Bryn y kyre                         Llanelly
Roberts         Joseph                  ar                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Roberts         J. and M. J.            cm                                     Llanelly
Roberts         Lewis                   gd                                     St. Clears
Roberts         Lewis                   ir                                     St. Clears
Roberts         Mrs.                    aa                                     Kidwelly
Roberts         Mrs. Ann                aa                                     Kidwelly
Roberts         Rev. John               aa Talley                              Llandilo-Fawr
Roberts         Rev. William            aa                                     St. David's
Roberts         Richard                 ma Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Roberts         Richard                 ac National School                     Aberystwyth
Roberts         Richard                 lb Trevechan                           Aberystwyth
Roberts         Richard                 sh Trevechan                           Aberystwyth
Roberts         Robert                  lw Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Roberts         Robert and Co.          ms Linen & Woollen drapers             Llanelly
Roberts         Robt., purser           aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Roberts         Thomas                  ms Ship builder                        Laugharne
Roberts         Thos.                   ms Dock Yard Master Shipwright         Pembroke
Roberts         William                 sb                                     Milford Haven
Roberts         William                 bu Llanbadarn Fawr                     Aberystwyth
Roberts         William                 bu Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Robertson       Bowen, esq.             aa Haken lodge                         Milford Haven
Robertson       William                 ag                                     Pembroke
Robertson       William                 tm                                     Pembroke
Robertson       Wm.                     ag                                     Milford Haven
Robin           John                    bu Market street                       Haverfordwest
Robin           Thomas                  bu Poor field                          Haverfordwest
Roblin          George                  cc                                     Narberth
Roblin          George                  cl                                     Narberth
Roblin          George                  gd                                     Narberth
Roblyn          Jas.                    cc from Old Three Crowns               Haverfordwest
Roch            George, esq.            aa Butter hill                         Milford Haven
Roch            Geo. Clayton, esq.      aa Clareston                           Haverfordwest
Roch            John                    ms Currier                             Pembroke
Roch            Mark, esq.              aa Snailson                            Pembroke
Roch            Rev. Nicholas           aa Rectory house                       Tenby
Roch            Rev. William            aa Butter hill                         Milford Haven
Roch            Thomas                  bu Dock                                Pembroke
Roch            Thomas                  tp King's Arms, Dock                   Pembroke
Roche           Miss. Letitia           aa Goat street                         Haverfordwest
Roderick        Elizabeth               lh Alfred place                        Aberystwyth
Roderick        Elizabeth               gt Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Roderick        John                    ip Red Lion                            Llangadock
Rogers          Benjamin                ta                                     Narberth
Rogers          Benjamin                tp Boar's Head                         Narberth
Rogers          Geo.                    cc Sophia                              Carmarthen
Rogers          James                   bm                                     St. Clears
Rogers          John                    lb Cartlett kilns                      Haverfordwest
Rogers          John                    cl Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Rogers          Mrs. Anna Louisa        aa                                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Rogers          Mrs. Lettice            aa                                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Rogers          Richard                 tp Albion, Dew street                  Haverfordwest
Rogers          Thomas                  ms Custom House, Quay street           Carmarthen
Rogers          Ths.                    ac Free School                         Llandilo-Fawr
Rogers          William                 ar Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Rossiter        Martha                  bf                                     Pembroke
Rossiter        Martha                  sd Dock                                Pembroke
Row             George                  su High street                         Haverfordwest
Rowe            William                 sm                                     Narberth
Rowland         David                   sd Blacksmith                          Fishguard
Rowland         James                   sd Blacksmith                          Fishguard
Rowland         James                   sd Boot & Shoe maker                   Fishguard
Rowland         Jno.                    ip Square & Compasses                  Llangadock
Rowland         John                    jb Priory street                       Carmarthen
Rowlands        David                   wc Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Rowlands        Evan                    sh Church street                       Cardigan
Rowlands        George                  bs                                     Pembroke
Rowlands        Griffith                sd Plasterer                           Tenby
Rowlands        James                   ms Plasterer, St. Martin's             Haverfordwest
Rowlands        John                    bu                                     Llandovery
Rowlands        John                    bs                                     Pembroke
Rowlands        John                    tp Half Moon                           Llandovery
Rowlands        Thomas                  sm St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Rowlands        Thos.                   ab Mariner's square                    Haverfordwest
Rowlands        William                 pp                                     Pembroke
Rowlands        William                 tp Rose & Crown                        Newcastle-in-Eml
Rowlands        Wm.                     ab Mariner's square                    Haverfordwest
Rudge           Elizabeth               ac King street                         Carmarthen
Rule            James, jun., esq.       aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Russell         John William            ir                                     Pembroke
Russell         John William            tm                                     Pembroke
Russell         Mrs. Jane               aa                                     Pembroke


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