Pigot's Directory for South Wales, 1830 : Dyfed Entries

Surnames N-P


SURNAME         FORENAME/TITLE         OCC ADDRESS                             TOWN
Nangle          Rev. Thos. D.           aa Roscrowther                         Pembroke
Narbeth         Margaret                sw                                     Pembroke
Nash            Isaac Bartlett          ms Blacksmith                          Kidwelly
Nash            Mrs.                    aa Goodwick                            Fishguard
Nash            Richard, esq.           aa                                     Tenby
Nathan          Danl.                   ip Black Lion, High street             Cardigan
Needle          James                   ta Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Needle          James                   sd Queen street                        Carmarthen
Nevill          Charles                 si                                     Llanelly
Nevill          Rd. Janion, esq.        aa Glan y mor                          Llanelly
Nevill          Richd. Janion           cm Glan y mor                          Llanelly
Nevill, Broom   and Co.                 tm                                     Llanelly
Nicholas        David                   sd Watch and Clock maker               Fishguard
Nicholas        Elizabeth               sd Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Nicholas        Elizabeth               sk Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Nicholas        John                    sd Grocer, Draper and Tailor           Fishguard
Nicholas        Joshua                  sd Grocer & Draper                     Fishguard
Nicholas        Thomas                  gt Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Nicholas        Thomas                  wf Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Nicholas        Thomas                  sd Joiner & Cabinet maker              Fishguard
Nicholas        Thomas                  ms Schoolmaster                        Kilgerran
Nicholas        Thomas                  sd Tailor                              Fishguard
Nicholas        William                 ac                                     Fishguard
Nicholas        William                 ms Tanner                              Llandilo-Fawr
Nicholl         David F.                su Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Nicholl & Mortimer                      cd Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Nicholls        John                    gd                                     Milford Haven
Nicholls        John                    ir                                     Milford Haven
Nicholls & Thoma                        gt Cross                               Carmarthen
Nicolls         Major                   aa                                     Tenby
Noot            the Misses              ac Quay street                         Cardigan
Noott           Thomas                  su Strand                              Cardigan
Norris          Charles, esq.           aa                                     Tenby
Norton          William                 ga Green hill                          Carmarthen
Nott            George, esq.,           aa Pontgerreg                          Carmarthen
Nugent          Thomas George           su High street                         Cardigan
Nuttall         Charles                 cc master of Crocodile                 Milford Haven

O'Reilly        Edwd. Esq.,             aa North parade                        Aberystwyth
Oliver          Daniel                  ip Salutation Tavern, Atpar            Newcastle-in-Eml
Oliver          Elizabeth               ac                                     Fishguard
Oliver          Thomas                  sd Dock                                Pembroke
Ollivant        Rev. Alfred             aa                                     Lampeter
Ollivant        Rev. Alfred             ac Vice-Principal, St. David's College Lampeter
Opher           Samuel                  tp Waterloo, Quay                      Carmarthen
Oriel           George                  tp Union                               Pembroke
Oriel           John                    tp Ship                                Pembroke
Ormond          John                    ta                                     Narberth
Ormond          Richard                 gd and Dock                            Pembroke
Ormond          Wm.                     tp King's Arms, Prendergast            Haverfordwest
Owen            and Sons                ab Short row                           Haverfordwest
Owen            and Sons                ca Short row                           Haverfordwest
Owen            Daniel                  fl John street                         Carmarthen
Owen            David                   sm                                     Llanelly
Owen            David                   cc from Six Bells                      Carmarthen
Owen            David                   tp Swan                                Newcastle-in-Eml
Owen            Diana                   tp Salutation Inn, High street         Cardigan
Owen            Elizabeth               tp Union, Great Darkgate street        Aberystwyth
Owen            Frances                 tp Castle                              Newcastle-in-Eml
Owen            Hugh, esq.              aa Orielton                            Pembroke
Owen            James                   sd Glazier                             Fishguard
Owen            James                   sd Joiner                              Fishguard
Owen            John                    lh                                     Tenby
Owen            John                    sd Boot & Shoe maker                   Fishguard
Owen            John                    gt Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Owen            John                    sd Carpenter                           Newport
Owen            John                    bs Queen street                        Carmarthen
Owen            John                    tp White Swan                          Llanelly
Owen            John, esq.              aa                                     Newport
Owen            Mary                    sd Penbre                              Cardigan
Owen            Meshech                 tp St. David's Arms, St. Martin's      Haverfordwest
Owen            Nathaniel               gd Dock                                Pembroke
Owen            Nathaniel               tp Royal Oak, Dock                     Pembroke
Owen            Rachel                  md                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Owen            Rev. Jonah              aa                                     St. David's
Owen            Rev. Jonah              ac Free Grammar School                 St. David's
Owen            Rev. Thomas             ac Free Grammar School                 Pembroke
Owen            Rev. Thomas             aa Hodgeston                           Pembroke
Owen            Richard                 tp Falcon, St. Martin's                Haverfordwest
Owen            Sir. John               aa Orielton                            Pembroke
Owen            Thomas                  sd Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Owen            Thomas                  ea Priory street                       Carmarthen
Owen            William                 sm                                     Llanelly
Owen            William                 ip Green Dragon                        Newport
Owen            William                 sd Grocer & Draper                     Fishguard
Owen            William                 bl John's town                         Carmarthen
Owen            Wm. Owen                wf St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Owen            & Sons                  cu Short row                           Haverfordwest
Owen            & Sons                  gl Short row                           Haverfordwest
Owen & Meyler                           lw Castle square                       Haverfordwest
Owen & Meyler                           wc Short row                           Haverfordwest
Owens           Capt. Jno. Walker       aa High street                         Haverfordwest
Owens           John                    sd Hat manufacturer                    Newcastle-in-Eml
Owens           John                    ms Red Lion                            Kilgerran
Owens           Joseph                  bs Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Owens           Mary                    sd Corn miller                         St. Dogmells
Owens           Nathaniel               ms Stone mason                         Kilgerran
Owens           Owen                    ir Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Owens           Owen                    ms Nail maker, Bridge street           Aberystwyth
Owens           Thomas                  cc master, Morning Star                Aberystwyth
Owens           Thomas                  bl St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Owens           Titus                   su                                     Narberth
Owens           William                 cc Post Master                         Newport

Paeey           Major Thomas            aa Gernos                              Newcastle-in-Eml
Paice           Owen                    cc from the Salutation                 Cardigan
Painter         William                 bf High street                         Haverfordwest
Palmer          Edward                  bu Church street                       Carmarthen
Palmer          Henry, esq.             aa Gallow's wick                       Milford Haven
Palmer          James                   gd                                     Milford Haven
Palmer          Rebecca                 md                                     Pembroke
Palmer          Richard                 bw                                     Pembroke
Palmer          Richard                 gd                                     Pembroke
Palmer          Richard                 ma                                     Pembroke
Parcell         David                   ro Priory street                       Carmarthen
Parcell         Philip, esq.            aa                                     Tenby
Pardoe          Jno.                    sd Boot, &c. maker, Solva              St. David's
Parker          Henry, gent.            aa                                     Kidwelly
Parker          Mrs. Louisa             aa                                     Kidwelly
Parkin          Ann                     md Dock                                Pembroke
Parry           Captain                 aa Parkgorse                           Cardigan
Parry           Capt. Wm. Henry Webley  aa Neyadd Trefawr                      Newcastle-in-Eml
Parry           Capt. Wm. Henry Webley  aa Noyadd                              Cardigan
Parry           Capt. Wm. Hy. Webley, juaa Park y Gors                         Newcastle-in-Eml
Parry           David                   sd Blacksmith                          Newport
Parry           Elizb.                  tp Cilgwyn Arms, Atpar                 Newcastle-in-Eml
Parry           Evan                    bs Mwldan                              Cardigan
Parry           George                  aa Scobeston                           Milford Haven
Parry           Henry Bishop            pn Surgeon                             Tenby
Parry           J Esq.,                 aa Llidiade                            Aberystwyth
Parry           John                    ar Baker street                        Aberystwyth
Parry           John                    tp Britannia, Dew street               Haverfordwest
Parry           John                    tp New Inn                             Narberth
Parry           Mary                    md Bow street                          Aberystwyth
Parry           Mary                    sd High street                         Cardigan
Parry           Rebecca                 sp High street                         Haverfordwest
Parry           Rev. George             aa                                     Laugharne
Parry           Rowland                 lh 4 Terrace                           Aberystwyth
Parry           Rowland                 gt Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Parry           Rowland                 ir Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Parry           Thomas                  ac                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Parry           Thomas                  tp Newmarket House, Red street         Carmarthen
Parry           Thomas                  au Red street                          Carmarthen
Parry           Thomas Edmund           lw Cross                               Carmarthen
Parry           William                 aa Portclew                            Pembroke
Parry           Wm. Edwards, esq.       aa Portclew                            Pembroke
Parsell         Richd.                  tp Coach & Horses, St. Mary street     Haverfordwest
Pascall         Henry                   ms Sail maker                          Milford Haven
Payer           Henry                   ms Glover                              Laugharne
Paynter         David, esq.             aa Dale                                Milford Haven
Paynter         George, gent.           aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Paynter         Joshua Whitaker         su                                     Pembroke
Paynter         William Evans           ar Town Clerk                          Pembroke
Pedbury         Captain                 me                                     Milford Haven
Pedbury         Captain                 aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Pemberton       Colonel                 aa New lodge                           Llanelly
Pemberton       Col. F. C. J.           aa New lodge                           Kidwelly
Pemberton       Hy. Jn., gent.          aa Abergwilly                          Carmarthen
Pemberton       R. S. R. and Thomas     cm                                     Llanelly
Pentreath & Ching                       sd Milliners & Dress makers            Fishguard
Peregrine       Thomas                  ms Notary public                       Milford Haven
Perkins         John                    sd Grocer                              St. David's
Perkins         Lewis                   tc                                     Milford Haven
Perkins         Thomas                  ms Coast Officer, Quay street          Haverfordwest
Perkins         Ths.                    ba Savings' Bank, Quay street          Haverfordwest
Perrott         George                  tp Ship                                Llanelly
Perry           Alexander               gd                                     Pembroke
Perry           Alexander               ir                                     Pembroke
Perry           Arthur                  ag                                     Pembroke
Perry           Arthur                  ar                                     Pembroke
Perry           Arthur                  fo Atlas & Law                         Pembroke
Perry           Charles                 cc Post Master                         Pembroke
Peter           Rev. David              ac Navigation School, Lamas street     Carmarthen
Peter           Rev. David              aa Peterwell                           Carmarthen
Peter           Rev. David              ac Presbyterian College, Lamas street  Carmarthen
Peters          David                   ms Shoemaker                           Kilgerran
Peters          Roger                   lh North parade                        Aberystwyth
Peters          William                 tp Conduit                             Narberth
Phelps          John                    ar Lower Tower hill                    Haverfordwest
Phelps          Sparks Martin, esq.     aa Llangwarren                         Fishguard
Phelps          Thomas                  gd                                     Pembroke
Phenix          John                    bs                                     Pembroke
Philipps        Colonel Owen            aa High street                         Haverfordwest
Philipps        David                   au Shifring                            Narberth
Philipps        George                  ar                                     Narberth
Philipps        James                   ma                                     St. Clears
Philipps        John                    ar                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Philipps        John Lloyd, esq.        aa Hill street                         Haverfordwest
Philipps        Mrs. Margaret           aa Glos'ter place                      Haverfordwest
Philipps        Owen                    su North parade                        Aberystwyth
Philipps        Rev. Charles            aa                                     Pembroke
Philipps        Rev. James              aa                                     St. Clears
Philipps        Sir. R. B.              aa Picton Castle                       Haverfordwest
Philipps        the Misses.             aa Goat street                         Haverfordwest
Philipps        Thomas                  ac Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Philipps        William                 tm Quay street                         Carmarthen
Philipps        William                 tn Quay street                         Carmarthen
Phillip         Philip                  cp                                     Llandovery
Phillips        Ann                     md Guildhall square                    Carmarthen
Phillips        Ann                     sw Guildhall square                    Carmarthen
Phillips        Benjamin                sd Cabinet maker                       Tenby
Phillips        Benjn.                  lh                                     Tenby
Phillips        Colonel Lloyd           aa Mabws                               Lampeter
Phillips        Daniel                  ms Cooper                              Kilgerran
Phillips        David                   ms Blacksmith                          Kidwelly
Phillips        David                   sd Cooper                              Tenby
Phillips        Dnl.                    sd Blacksmith, Upr. Solva              St. David's
Phillips        Evan                    we St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Phillips        Frances                 ms Straw Hat maker                     Llanelly
Phillips        Frederick, esq.         aa High street                         Haverfordwest
Phillips        George                  ms Cooper                              Llanelly
Phillips        George                  tp Crown, Dock                         Pembroke
Phillips        George                  sp Short row                           Haverfordwest
Phillips        Grace                   sk Queen street                        Carmarthen
Phillips        Henry                   lw Guildhall square                    Carmarthen
Phillips        James                   bs                                     Llandovery
Phillips        James                   bs                                     Narberth
Phillips        James                   tp Ball                                Narberth
Phillips        James                   sd Blacksmith                          St. David's
Phillips        James                   tp Bull, Prendergast                   Haverfordwest
Phillips        James                   ar Market street                       Haverfordwest
Phillips        Jas.                    ms Custom House, Quay street           Haverfordwest
Phillips        Jno.                    tp Duke of Wellington, Prendergast     Haverfordwest
Phillips        Jno. Walters, esq.      aa Aberglasney                         Llandilo-Fawr
Phillips        John                    cj                                     Narberth
Phillips        John                    we                                     St. Clears
Phillips        John                    bs Bridge-end                          Cardigan
Phillips        John                    cc Britannia                           Carmarthen
Phillips        John                    cd Castle square                       Haverfordwest
Phillips        John                    sm Castle street                       Haverfordwest
Phillips        John                    ma Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Phillips        John                    tp Lark, Blue street                   Carmarthen
Phillips        John                    sd Painter                             St. David's
Phillips        John                    ms Paper factor, Short row             Haverfordwest
Phillips        John                    ip Plough and Harrow                   Kidwelly
Phillips        John                    tp Royal Oak, Quay street              Cardigan
Phillips        John                    tp Ship-on-Launch, Penbre              Cardigan
Phillips        John Lloyd, esq.        aa Dale castle                         Milford Haven
Phillips        John L., esq.           aa Crickmarren                         Pembroke
Phillips        John, esq.              aa Glanrithan                          St. David's
Phillips        Lance, gent.            aa                                     Tenby
Phillips        Major                   aa Penalltrhiny                        Cardigan
Phillips        Margaret                ac                                     Llanelly
Phillips        Margaret                mi Water street                        Carmarthen
Phillips        Mary                    co Market street                       Haverfordwest
Phillips        Mary                    lw Market street                       Haverfordwest
Phillips        Moses                   tp Haverfordwest Arms, Dew street      Haverfordwest
Phillips        Mrs.                    aa Pentre Par                          Llandilo-Fawr
Phillips        Mrs. Judith             aa                                     Tenby
Phillips        Mrs. William            aa High street                         Haverfordwest
Phillips        Nathaniel, esq.         aa High street                         Haverfordwest
Phillips        Philip, esq.            aa Market street                       Haverfordwest
Phillips        Richard                 sp Bridge end                          Haverfordwest
Phillips        Stephen                 tp Lord Nelson, Dame street            Carmarthen
Phillips        Theodosia               sd                                     Milford Haven
Phillips        Thomas                  sm                                     Llandovery
Phillips        Thomas                  gd                                     Pembroke
Phillips        Thomas                  ms Accountant                          Narberth
Phillips        Thomas                  bl Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Phillips        Thomas                  gt Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Phillips        Thomas                  ir Dock                                Pembroke
Phillips        Thomas                  tp George, Dock                        Pembroke
Phillips        Thomas                  mi Lower Water street                  Carmarthen
Phillips        Thomas                  tw Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Phillips        Thomas                  sd Sail maker                          Fishguard
Phillips        Thomas                  tp Sloop                               Milford Haven
Phillips        Thomas, esq.            ms Comptroller, Custom House           Milford Haven
Phillips        Thos.                   tp Square & Compass                    Newcastle-in-Eml
Phillips        William                 bs                                     Llandovery
Phillips        William                 ms Blacksmith                          Kilgerran
Phillips        William                 ms Brazier                             Pembroke
Phillips        William                 ma Cross                               Cardigan
Phillips        William                 ws Cross                               Cardigan
Phillips        William                 tp Crown                               Llandovery
Phillips        William                 sd Grocer & Draper                     Fishguard
Phillips        William                 tp Lion                                Milford Haven
Phillips        William                 bp Mwldan                              Cardigan
Phillips        William                 ms Shoemaker                           Kilgerran
Phillips        William Davis           sc Water street                        Carmarthen
Phillips        William, esq.           aa Grondre                             Narberth
Phillips        Wm.                     tp Golden Cross                        Pembroke
Phillips & Lewis                        lw High street                         Haverfordwest
Philp           Henry                   aa Alliston                            Pembroke
Picton          Rev. Edward             aa Iscoed                              Kidwelly
Pinkarton       James                   pn Civil Engineer                      Kidwelly
Plummer         Elizb.                  ac                                     Tenby
Pollard         William                 ch King street                         Carmarthen
Pool            George                  tp Mermaid                             Tenby
Popkin          Jno. Lucas              ar                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Potter          Joseph                  bo High street                         Haverfordwest
Potter          Thomas                  pp King street                         Haverfordwest
Potts           John                    bu                                     Llanelly
Potts           John                    tp British Tar                         Llanelly
Powell          Col. W E (M.P.)         aa Nanteos                             Aberystwyth
Powell          David                   sd Tailor                              Newcastle-in-Eml
Powell          David                   sd Tailor, Atpar                       Newcastle-in-Eml
Powell          Edward                  tp Milford Arms, Cartlett              Haverfordwest
Powell          Hugh                    ch                                     Llandovery
Powell          John                    gd                                     Laugharne
Powell          John                    ir                                     Laugharne
Powell          John                    bf King street                         Carmarthen
Powell          Margaret                tp Square and Compasses                Llanelly
Powell          Mrs. Ann                aa Sackville terrace                   Llandovery
Powell          Mrs. Richard            aa Laura place                         Aberystwyth
Powell          Philip, esq.            aa St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Powell          Rev. Rees               aa Llandilo                            Llandilo-Fawr
Powell          Thomas                  bu                                     Laugharne
Powell          Thomas                  ms Custom House Collector              Aberystwyth
Powell          Timothy, esq.           aa                                     Laugharne
Powell          William                 bl Lamphey                             Pembroke
Powell          William                 cu Little Darkgate street              Aberystwyth
Powis           John                    bs St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Poyntz          Capt.                   aa Newton Oye                          Milford Haven
Poyntz          John                    sd Joiner and Cabinet maker            Fishguard
Poyntz          Mary                    sw Market street                       Haverfordwest
Prees           Ann                     sd Priory street                       Carmarthen
Prees           John                    tp King's Arms, Priory street          Carmarthen
Price           Captain John            aa                                     St. Clears
Price           David                   fd                                     Milford Haven
Price           George                  cu                                     Pembroke
Price           George                  pd Jackson's bridge                    Milford Haven
Price           Jane Louisa             sw Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Price           John                    gv                                     Llandovery
Price           John                    sd                                     Newport
Price           John                    sd Glazier and Painter                 Newcastle-in-Eml
Price           Jonathan                sd Tailor                              Tenby
Price           Margaret                ac Priory street                       Carmarthen
Price           Mrs. Sarah              aa Priory street                       Carmarthen
Price           Owen                    cc from Three Salmons                  Carmarthen
Price           Peter                   lh                                     Tenby
Price           Rice Wm., esq.          aa William's field                     Llandovery
Price           Richard                 tp White Hart                          Llandovery
Price           Roger                   tn King street                         Carmarthen
Price           Thomas                  tp Bush, King street                   Haverfordwest
Price           Thos.                   ms Saddler & Harness maker             Lampeter
Price           Waltr. Owen             ar                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Price           William                 wc                                     Pembroke
Price           William                 ms Auctioneer, Peterwall house         Lampeter
Price           William                 gt Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Prichard        Captain                 aa Breynog                             Lampeter
Prichard        Naomi                   sw Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Prickett        James                   ms Shoemaker                           Kidwelly
Prickett        John                    ch Market street                       Haverfordwest
Prickett        John                    tc Market street                       Haverfordwest
Pridham         Edwd.                   sd Chymist & Druggist                  Newcastle-in-Eml
Pringle         Captain John            aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Pringle         Capt.                   aa Newcastle                           Newcastle-in-Eml
Prior           Mrs.                    aa                                     Narberth
Pritchard       Edward                  sh                                     Milford Haven
Pritchard       Edward                  ih Nelson Hotel                        Milford Haven
Pritchard       Edward                  cc Post Master                         Milford Haven
Pritchard       Edw.                    ip Dragon                              Pembroke
Pritchard       Thos. & Wm.             cj                                     Pembroke
Pritchard       Wm.                     tp Golden Slipper, Quay street         Haverfordwest
Propert         James, esq.             aa                                     St. David's
Propert         Sarah                   ip Swan, Upper Solva                   St. David's
Propert         Thomas                  sd Carpenter                           St. David's
Prosser         John, esq.              aa Nine wells                          St. David's
Prosser         Levi                    sd Saddler, Upper Solva                St. David's
Prosser         & Co.                   cc                                     Narberth
Prosser         & Co.                   cc from Mathias' office, Quay street   Haverfordwest
Prosser         & Co.                   cc from Three Horse Shoes              Llandovery
Prosser         & Co.,                  cc Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Prosser         & Son                   cc from Castle                         Llandilo-Fawr
Prothero        Rev. David              aa Llandilo                            Llandilo-Fawr
Protheroe       Griffith                su                                     Narberth
Protheroe       James                   cc master of Acorn                     Carmarthen
Protheroe       Mrs.                    aa Market street                       Haverfordwest
Protheroe       Rees                    tp Union                               Narberth
Prout           Richard                 sd Butcher                             Tenby
Prust           Charles, gent.          aa St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Pryse           Pryse Esq., (M.P.)      aa Gogerddan                           Aberystwyth
Prytherch       Daniel, esq.,           aa Priory street                       Carmarthen
Prytherch       John                    su King street                         Carmarthen
Prytherch       Reece, gent             aa Picton terrace                      Carmarthen
Prytherch       Reese Beynon Roch       ar Picton terrace                      Carmarthen
Pugh            Ann                     lh Claremont House, Terrace            Aberystwyth
Pugh            David                   ms Saddler                             St. Clears
Pugh            David Heron, esq.       aa Green hill                          Llandilo-Fawr
Pugh            Harriet                 lc Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Pugh            Harriet                 md Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Pugh            Janet                   bf King street                         Carmarthen
Pugh            John                    tm                                     Llanelly
Pugh            John                    sh High street                         Cardigan
Pugh            Lewis                   gt Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Pugh            Lewis                   lw Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Pugh            Lewis                   me Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Pugh            Lewis                   ip Castle, Castle square               Haverfordwest
Pugh            Lewis                   lb Trevechan                           Aberystwyth
Pugh            Mrs. Ann                aa                                     Kidwelly
Pugh            Rev. John               aa                                     Newport
Pykes           Eliz.                   ac                                     Pembroke
Pyne            Henry                   gt King street                         Haverfordwest


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