Pigot's Directory for South Wales, 1830 : Dyfed Entries

Surnames L-M


SURNAME         FORENAME/TITLE         OCC ADDRESS                             TOWN
Ladd            Thomas                  ta Pwllhay                             Cardigan
Ladd            William                 cc from Golden Lion                    Carmarthen
Ladd            William                 cc from the Market place               Cardigan
Lamb            George                  cc                                     Fishguard
Lamb            George                  cc from Fishguard Arms                 Haverfordwest
Lamb            Thomas                  sd Glazier                             Fishguard
Lamb            Thomas                  sd Grocer & Draper                     Fishguard
Landcastle      John                    ms Wheelwright                         Pembroke
Large           Joseph                  sh King street                         Carmarthen
Larn            Captain William         aa                                     Laugharne
Lascelles       Lieut. Colonel          aa                                     Pembroke
Law             Thomas George           ta King street                         Haverfordwest
Lawford         Thomas Wright, esq.     aa Carrigcennen cottage                Llandilo-Fawr
Lawrence        Ann                     bb Chapel street                       Carmarthen
Lawrence        Hannh.                  sd                                     Milford Haven
Lawrence        Henry                   ps Peter street                        Carmarthen
Lawrence        Thomas                  ms Cooper                              Llangadock
Lawrence        Thomas                  bb Red Lion court                      Carmarthen
Laws            Edward                  ms Dock Yard Storekeeper               Pembroke
Lazarus         Benjamin W.             au King street                         Carmarthen
Lazarus         & Son                   pb King street                         Carmarthen
Lazarus         & Son                   sj King street                         Carmarthen
Lazarus         & Son                   ms Silversmiths & Jewellers            Llanelly
Leach           Abraham, esq.           aa Corston                             Pembroke
Leach           Augustus, esq.          aa Underdown                           Pembroke
Leach           Henry, esq.             ms Collector, Custom House             Milford Haven
Leach           Henry, esq.             aa Ddol                                Newcastle-in-Eml
Leach           Henry, Esq.             aa Ddol                                Cardigan
Leach           John, esq.              aa                                     Pembroke
Leach           Rev. Francis            aa St. Petrox                          Pembroke
Leach           Rev. Octavius           aa Corston                             Pembroke
Lee             Daniel                  cj                                     Llanelly
Lee             Michael                 ms Watch maker                         Milford Haven
Leigh           Nathaniel               ac National School, near Parade        Carmarthen
Lemon           Francis                 tc Bridge                              Haverfordwest
Lemon           Francis                 tp Duke of York, Bridge end            Haverfordwest
Lemon           Mary                    sw Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Lemon           William                 tc Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Lens            Ann B.                  md                                     Llandovery
Lens            Lucy                    ac                                     Llandovery
Leonard         Ann                     tp King's Arms                         Tenby
Lewellin        Rev. Llewelyn           aa                                     Lampeter
Lewellin        Rev. Llewelyn           ac Principal, St. David's College      Lampeter
Lewes           Capt. John              aa                                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Lewes           Thomas, esq.            aa Clynfiew                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Lewes           Thomas, Esq.            aa Clynfiew                            Cardigan
Lewett          Mrs.                    aa Milford                             Milford Haven
Lewis           Ann                     fd Peter street                        Carmarthen
Lewis           Benjamin                tp Curriers' Arms                      Llandovery
Lewis           Benjamin                ms Painter and Glazier                 Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Benjn.                  tp Wheat Sheaf, St. Martin's           Haverfordwest
Lewis           Caleb                   bo High street                         Cardigan
Lewis           Caleb                   fo Phoenix (fire), High street         Cardigan
Lewis           Captain John            aa Llandilo                            Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Daniel                  sd Boot and Shoe maker                 Newcastle-in-Eml
Lewis           David                   cc                                     Fishguard
Lewis           David                   ma                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           David                   ms Baker                               Llangadock
Lewis           David                   ms Billiard & News Rooms, Spilman streeCarmarthen
Lewis           David                   tp Blue Boar, Water street             Carmarthen
Lewis           David                   ip Butchers' Arms                      Llangadock
Lewis           David                   ms Carpenter                           Llangadock
Lewis           David                   ms Flannel manufacturer                Kidwelly
Lewis           David                   cc from Fishguard Arms                 Haverfordwest
Lewis           David                   sd Joiner & Cabinet maker              Fishguard
Lewis           David                   bu Lower Water street                  Carmarthen
Lewis           David                   tp Monument Lodge, Magazine row        Carmarthen
Lewis           David                   tc St.James' square                    Aberystwyth
Lewis           David                   ma St.James's square                   Aberystwyth
Lewis           David                   pn Surgeon                             Newcastle-in-Eml
Lewis           David, esq.             aa Stradey                             Llanelly
Lewis           David, esq.,            aa Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Lewis           Elizabeth               tc                                     Llandovery
Lewis           Elizabeth               gt Upper Market street                 Carmarthen
Lewis           Eliz.                   tp Old Bull, Lower Market street       Carmarthen
Lewis           Evan                    sd Carpenter                           Tenby
Lewis           George                  wc Dock                                Pembroke
Lewis           Harry                   bc                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Henry                   ma                                     Pembroke
Lewis           Henry                   sh                                     Pembroke
Lewis           Henry                   cu Bridge                              Haverfordwest
Lewis           Henry                   ms Printer                             Pembroke
Lewis           Henry                   ar Quay street                         Carmarthen
Lewis           James                   bs                                     Milford Haven
Lewis           James                   sd Bridge-end                          Carmarthen
Lewis           James                   gt Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Lewis           James                   au St.James's square                   Aberystwyth
Lewis           Jane                    md Peter street                        Carmarthen
Lewis           Jno.                    pp High street                         Cardigan
Lewis           Jno.                    cc Pursuit                             Milford Haven
Lewis           John                    bs                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           John                    bs                                     Llanelly
Lewis           John                    le                                     Llanelly
Lewis           John                    sd                                     Llanelly
Lewis           John                    hr                                     Milford Haven
Lewis           John                    gd                                     Narberth
Lewis           John                    ir                                     Narberth
Lewis           John                    ta                                     Narberth
Lewis           John                    cj                                     Pembroke
Lewis           John                    bt Alfred place & Marine ter.          Aberystwyth
Lewis           John                    po Chapel street                       Carmarthen
Lewis           John                    wf Chapel street                       Carmarthen
Lewis           John                    ta Dock                                Pembroke
Lewis           John                    sd Grocer                              Tenby
Lewis           John                    gl High street                         Cardigan
Lewis           John                    lw Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Lewis           John                    tc Princes street                      Aberystwyth
Lewis           John                    cp Priory street                       Carmarthen
Lewis           John                    lh Prospect House                      Aberystwyth
Lewis           John                    bu Water street                        Carmarthen
Lewis           John                    ha Water street                        Carmarthen
Lewis           John & Thomas           sh                                     Llandovery
Lewis           John, esq.              aa Henllan                             Narberth
Lewis           Joseph                  pp Wood street                         Carmarthen
Lewis           Josiah                  sd Currier & Leather cutter            Fishguard
Lewis           Josiah                  ms Woollen manufacturer, Priory street Carmarthen
Lewis           Lewis                   bu                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Lewis                   gd                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Lewis                   lh 11 Terrace                          Aberystwyth
Lewis           Lewis                   cu Chapel street                       Carmarthen
Lewis           Lewis                   gt Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Lewis           Lewis                   bs Little Darkgate street              Aberystwyth
Lewis           Lewis, esq.             aa Gwinfe house                        Llangadock
Lewis           Leyson Orton            ar                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Major                   aa Llanayron                           Aberayron
Lewis           Major                   aa Llanayron                           Lampeter
Lewis           Martha                  md                                     Milford Haven
Lewis           Mary                    sd Abergwilly                          Carmarthen
Lewis           Misses. Mary & Eliza    aa Water street                        Carmarthen
Lewis           Miss. Ann               aa King street                         Carmarthen
Lewis           Mrs.                    aa Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Lewis           Mrs. Ann                aa Blue street                         Carmarthen
Lewis           Mrs. Elizabeth          aa                                     Laugharne
Lewis           Mrs. E.                 aa Gwinfe                              Llangadock
Lewis           Mrs. Mary               aa Corngavevi                          Carmarthen
Lewis           Mrs. Mary               aa St. Martin's                        Haverfordwest
Lewis           Rebecca                 ip Sextons' Arms                       Llangadock
Lewis           Rev. Benjamin           aa Dyfryn                              Newcastle-in-Eml
Lewis           Rev. John               aa                                     Aberayron
Lewis           Rev. Thomas             aa Penygraig                           Newcastle-in-Eml
Lewis           Richard                 jb Priory street                       Carmarthen
Lewis           Richard                 tp Wheat Sheaf, Abergwilly             Carmarthen
Lewis           Seth                    ms Tanner                              Laugharne
Lewis           Thomas                  jb                                     Aberayron
Lewis           Thomas                  gd                                     Laugharne
Lewis           Thomas                  bs                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Thomas                  cj                                     Narberth
Lewis           Thomas                  bl                                     Pembroke
Lewis           Thomas                  sk Baker street                        Aberystwyth
Lewis           Thomas                  ip Black Ox                            Llangadock
Lewis           Thomas                  ip Joiners' Arms                       Aberayron
Lewis           Thomas                  pp King street                         Carmarthen
Lewis           Thomas                  gs Magazine mount                      Carmarthen
Lewis           Thomas                  cc Mary                                Laugharne
Lewis           Thomas                  gt Priory street                       Carmarthen
Lewis           Thomas                  tp Queen's Head, Great Darkgate street Aberystwyth
Lewis           Thomas                  ms Shoe maker                          Llangadock
Lewis           Thomas                  gl St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Lewis           Thomas                  tp Talbot                              Narberth
Lewis           Thomas James            ag                                     Milford Haven
Lewis           Thos.                   sm Cambrian place                      Carmarthen
Lewis           Thos.                   cc Emma                                Llanelly
Lewis           William                 bu                                     Llandovery
Lewis           William                 cp                                     Llandovery
Lewis           William                 bl                                     Milford Haven
Lewis           William                 bf Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Lewis           William                 ms Butcher                             Llangadock
Lewis           William                 ta Dock                                Pembroke
Lewis           William                 cc from Angel                          Pembroke
Lewis           William                 cc from Market place                   Tenby
Lewis           William                 sd Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Lewis           William                 ha Magazine row                        Carmarthen
Lewis           William                 ms Rope maker                          Llanelly
Lewis           William                 tp Royal Oak, John's Town              Carmarthen
Lewis           William                 bs Shaw lane                           Carmarthen
Lewis           William                 tp Talbot                              Llandovery
Lewis           William                 cc Union Packet                        Pembroke
Lewis           William                 ms Woollen manufacturer                Llandilo-Fawr
Lewis           Wm.                     sd Carpenter                           Tenby
Lifton          John                    bs                                     Milford Haven
Lisburn         Rt.Hon.Earl of          aa Crosswood                           Aberystwyth
Llewellin       James                   tp White Hart, King street             Haverfordwest
Llewellin       Jas.                    bs                                     Narberth
Llewellin       Mary                    md                                     Narberth
Llewellin       Mary Ann                ac King street                         Carmarthen
Llewellin       Temperance              bf King street                         Carmarthen
Llewellin       Thomas                  bf                                     Narberth
Llewellin       William                 cp                                     Pembroke
Llewellin       William                 ms Weaver & Spinner, Lamas street      Carmarthen
Llewellyn       James                   cc master of Charles                   Llanelly
Llewellyn       John                    gt Guildhall square                    Carmarthen
Llewellyn       Llewellyn               cc master of Barleycorn                Milford Haven
Llewellyn       Lloyd                   ma St. Mary street                     Carmarthen
Llewhellan      John                    ta                                     Pembroke
Llewhellan      Richard                 bl                                     Pembroke
Llewhellen      Thos.                   tp Bristol Trader, Quay street         Haverfordwest
Llewhellen      Thos.                   tp Porters' Arms, Quay street          Haverfordwest
Llewhellin      Elizabeth               bf King street                         Haverfordwest
Llewhellin      Jane                    sw King street                         Haverfordwest
Llewhellin      Thomas                  lb Cartlett kilns                      Haverfordwest
Llewhellin      Thomas                  cp Northgate                           Haverfordwest
Lloyd           Ann                     ip Castle Inn                          Newport
Lloyd           Benjamin                ir Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Lloyd           Benjamin                cc Hero                                Carmarthen
Lloyd           Captain George          aa Walker's cottage                    Pembroke
Lloyd           Charles                 sh                                     Milford Haven
Lloyd           David                   su                                     Fishguard
Lloyd           David                   bl                                     Milford Haven
Lloyd           David                   sd Butcher                             Tenby
Lloyd           David                   bl Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Lloyd           David                   bl Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Lloyd           Edward                  ms Tailor                              Kidwelly
Lloyd           Edwd. Pryse, esq.       aa Glanseyln                           Llangadock
Lloyd           Eliz.                   tp Harbour Tavern, Tan-y-Cau           Aberystwyth
Lloyd           George                  tp Hope & Anchor                       St. Dogmells
Lloyd           George, esq.            aa Brunant                             Llandovery
Lloyd           Henry                   ms Dyer                                Pembroke
Lloyd           James                   bl                                     Pembroke
Lloyd           James                   su Bridge end                          Haverfordwest
Lloyd           James                   ta North parade                        Aberystwyth
Lloyd           Jas. Rd. Lewis, esq.    aa Dolhaidd                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Lloyd           Jenkin                  bf Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Lloyd           Jenkins                 ms Weaver, St. Martin's                Haverfordwest
Lloyd           Jno.                    sd Boot & Shoe maker, Solva            St. David's
Lloyd           Jno.                    lw Market street                       Haverfordwest
Lloyd           John                    pn Attorney                            Newcastle-in-Eml
Lloyd           John                    sd Boot & Shoe maker                   Newport
Lloyd           John                    tp Ivy Bush, High street               Cardigan
Lloyd           John                    ta King street                         Haverfordwest
Lloyd           John                    tp Pembroke Arms, King street          Haverfordwest
Lloyd           John                    bz Priory street                       Carmarthen
Lloyd           John Vaughan, esq.      aa Tyllwyd                             Newcastle-in-Eml
Lloyd           John Vaughan, Esq.      aa Tyllwyd                             Cardigan
Lloyd           John, esq.              aa Alltyrodyn                          Lampeter
Lloyd           Joseph                  sd Tailor                              Newport
Lloyd           Lieut. Vaughan          aa                                     Pembroke
Lloyd           Margaret                gd                                     Pembroke
Lloyd           Morgan                  co Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Lloyd           Mrs.                    aa Bronwidd                            Lampeter
Lloyd           Mrs. Cathrn.            aa Mandinham villa                     Llangadock
Lloyd           Mrs. Corbetta           aa                                     Pembroke
Lloyd           Mrs. Elizabeth          aa Hill street                         Haverfordwest
Lloyd           Mrs. Hester             aa                                     Fishguard
Lloyd           Mrs. Mary Ann           aa                                     Fishguard
Lloyd           Oliver                  ar St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Lloyd           Owen                    sl High street                         Cardigan
Lloyd           Rev. James              aa Pwlcrochan                          Pembroke
Lloyd           Rev. William            aa Eastwood                            Narberth
Lloyd           Rev. William            aa St.Mary street                      Cardigan
Lloyd           Robert                  sd Butcher                             Tenby
Lloyd           Stephen                 sd Tailor                              Fishguard
Lloyd           the Hon. Amelia         aa Queen street                        Carmarthen
Lloyd           Thomas                  sm                                     Narberth
Lloyd           Thomas                  sd Carpenter                           St. Dogmells
Lloyd           Thomas                  ms Comptroller of Customs, St. Mary strCardigan
Lloyd           Thomas                  tn Scotch well                         Haverfordwest
Lloyd           Thomas                  ms Tailor                              Kidwelly
Lloyd           Thomas                  sd Tailor                              Newport
Lloyd           Thomas, esq.            aa Hill street                         Haverfordwest
Lloyd           Thomas, Esq.            aa Coedmore                            Cardigan
Lloyd           Thomas, Esq.            aa Kilrhue                             Cardigan
Lloyd           William                 tc                                     Laugharne
Lloyd           William                 pp                                     Milford Haven
Lloyd           William                 tp Black Horse, Bridge street          Haverfordwest
Lloyd           William                 cm Blue street                         Carmarthen
Lloyd           William                 ca Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Lloyd           William                 tp King Charles in the Oak, Bridge streAberystwyth
Lloyd           William                 ta Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Lloyd           William                 ms Tailor                              Kidwelly
Lloyd           William                 ms Tailor                              Llangadock
Lloyd           William, esq.,          aa Llanstephan                         Carmarthen
Lloyd           Wm.                     cc master, Waterloo                    Aberystwyth
Lloyd & Marychurch                      bh Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Lloyd & Marychurch                      bl Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Lloyd & Marychurch                      ir Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Lloyd & Marychurch                      tw Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Lock            George, esq.            aa Lamphey                             Pembroke
Lock            Mrs. Margaret           aa                                     Tenby
Lock            William                 ar                                     Pembroke
Lock            William                 pn Attorney                            Tenby
Locke           Hy. Sampson, gent.      aa                                     Laugharne
Lodwick         Mrs.                    aa                                     Newcastle-in-Eml
Long            Sarah                   sd                                     Tenby
Longcroft       C R Esq.,               aa Lanina                              Aberayron
Lord            Eyre Coote, esq.        aa St. Mary's cottage                  Llandovery
Lort            Mrs. Elizabeth          aa Hill street                         Haverfordwest
Loveden         Miss.                   aa Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Lover           William                 ip Thomas's Arms                       Llanelly
Lowless         John                    ta                                     Pembroke
Lucas           David Powell            ms Collector, Custom House, St. Mary stCardigan
Ludlow          Mrs.                    aa Llanstephan                         Carmarthen
Luke            James                   ge                                     Pembroke
Luke            Philip                  ir Dark gate                           Carmarthen
Luke            Rev. Thomas             aa Goodwick                            Fishguard
Lumley          Edward                  cj Baker street                        Aberystwyth
Lumley          Mary                    sd Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Lumley          Richard                 ac Queen street                        Aberystwyth
Lundy           Thomas                  sh Cross                               Cardigan
Lynch           William                 ha Water street                        Carmarthen
Lyons           Anthony, gent.          aa                                     Tenby
Lyons           Lieut. Wm. jun.         aa                                     Tenby
Lyons           William, esq.           aa                                     Tenby

Mabe            William                 bu                                     Narberth
Macdonald       Allen                   sd                                     Pembroke
Macken          George                  tp Plough, Lamphey                     Pembroke
Maddocks        John                    gt Tower hill                          Haverfordwest
Maddocks        Mrs. Jane               aa Castle-hill cottage                 Carmarthen
Maddocks        Thomas                  lb Cartlett kilns                      Haverfordwest
Maddocks        Thos.                   bm Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Maddox          Eliz.                   sd Milliner                            Tenby
Maddox          John                    tp Black Horse, Lamas street           Carmarthen
Maddox          John                    ma Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Maddox          William                 tp New Inn                             Laugharne
Mahany          Edward                  bs Dock                                Pembroke
Mainwaring      Daniel                  sm Spilman street                      Carmarthen
Makeig          George                  cd High street                         Haverfordwest
Makin           William                 tp Blue Boar, Dew street               Haverfordwest
Maliphant       Richard, esq.           aa                                     Kidwelly
Mansell         Thomas                  su                                     Pembroke
Marshall        Jno.                    ag                                     Pembroke
Marshall        John                    au                                     Pembroke
Marshall        John                    ip Angel                               Pembroke
Martel          Stephen                 gd                                     Milford Haven
Martin          Ann                     sd Miller, Solva                       St. David's
Martin          Henry Owen              ar                                     Narberth
Martin          John                    sd Cooper                              Newport
Martin          Mrs. Margaret           aa                                     Narberth
Martin          Rev. Thomas             aa Withy bush                          Haverfordwest
Martin          Thomas                  bs Green                               Haverfordwest
Mason           Edward                  tp Black Lion, King street             Carmarthen
Mason           Edward                  br King street                         Carmarthen
Mason           Isaac                   sh Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Mathias         Chas., esq.             aa Lamphey Court                       Pembroke
Mathias         David                   bf                                     Llandovery
Mathias         David                   cj                                     Llandovery
Mathias         David                   fd                                     Llandovery
Mathias         David                   tn Penbre & Verwick                    Cardigan
Mathias         Edward                  gd                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Mathias         Evan                    mi                                     Llandovery
Mathias         Evan                    ha                                     Narberth
Mathias         George                  bs                                     Pembroke
Mathias         Jno.                    gl                                     Narberth
Mathias         John, gent.             aa Emlyn cottage                       Newcastle-in-Eml
Mathias         Joseph                  bl Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Mathias         Joseph                  ca Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Mathias         Joseph                  sl Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Mathias         Joseph                  fo Protector, Quay street and Cartlett Haverfordwest
Mathias         Joseph                  ab Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Mathias         Joseph                  au Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Mathias         Jos.                    gl Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Mathias         Jos.                    cu Quay street                         Haverfordwest
Mathias         Mary                    tp White Lion, Bridge street           Haverfordwest
Mathias         Mary Ann                ac Goat street                         Haverfordwest
Mathias         Rd.                     tp Coach Makers Inn, Cartlett          Haverfordwest
Mathias         Richard                 sd Cartlett                            Haverfordwest
Mathias         Sarah & Margaret        gt High street                         Haverfordwest
Mathias         Sir. Henry              aa High street                         Haverfordwest
Mathias         Thomas                  ar Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Mathias         Thomas                  bm Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Mathias         Thomas                  gt Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Mathias         Thomas                  ir Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Mathias         Thos.                   bs                                     Narberth
Mathias         William                 pl Baker street                        Aberystwyth
Matthews        Ann                     bc                                     Llanelly
Matthews        Daniel                  ms Stone merchant                      Kilgerran
Matthews        John                    lw British Emporium, Great Darkgate strAberystwyth
Matthews        John                    sl Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Matthews        John                    cc master of Squirrel                  Cardigan
Matthews        John                    cc Post Master, Spilman street         Carmarthen
Matthews        Thomas                  cl                                     Narberth
Matthews        Thomas                  ip Masons' Arms                        Newport
Matthews        Thomas                  sd Wheelwright                         St. David's
Matthias        Isaac                   tp Blue Anchor                         Milford Haven
Matthias        John                    ma High street                         Cardigan
Maurice         William                 wc Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
McAllister      Thos.                   bs                                     Milford Haven
McCord          John                    ac Mathematical School, High street    Cardigan
McEwen          John                    ga Merlin's vale                       Haverfordwest
McIntire        James                   ga King street                         Haverfordwest
McIntire        James                   sd King street                         Haverfordwest
McMillin        Quintin                 ps Lazaret establishment               Milford Haven
McQuire         John                    ms Umbrella maker, Bridge              Haverfordwest
Mends           Captain                 aa Goodwick                            Fishguard
Mends           Thomas                  bs                                     Narberth
Mends           Thomas                  gd                                     Narberth
Mendus          Thomas                  sd Carpenter                           St. Dogmells
Meredith        Mary                    ms Hardware dealer, King street        Carmarthen
Merriman        John                    bl Dock                                Pembroke
Merriman        William                 ac                                     Tenby
Merritt         Hny.                    bf                                     Milford Haven
Meyler          David                   sd Builder                             Fishguard
Meyler          Hugh                    tp Royal Oak                           Fishguard
Meyler          John                    tp Commercial Inn                      Fishguard
Meyler          John                    sh St. Mary street                     Haverfordwest
Meyler          Mary Ann                md St. Mary street                     Haverfordwest
Meylett         Philip, esq.            aa Market street                       Haverfordwest
Meyrick         Joseph                  cu Terrace road                        Aberystwyth
Meyrick         Richard                 lh Portland street                     Aberystwyth
Meyrick         Thomas, esq.            aa Bush                                Pembroke
Michael         Ann                     tp Three Sewins, Bridge street         Carmarthen
Midgley         Samuel                  tp Swan, Bridge street                 Haverfordwest
Miles           John                    pp High street                         Cardigan
Miles           John                    cj Pendre                              Cardigan
Miles           John                    cu Pendre                              Cardigan
Millard         Catherine               tp Old Cross Saws                      Pembroke
Millard         George Llewhellen       su High street                         Haverfordwest
Miller          Charles                 bs King street                         Carmarthen
Miller          George                  ac                                     Pembroke
Miller          Philippa                md Goat street                         Haverfordwest
Miller          Thomas                  lh                                     Tenby
Millman         Richard                 bf Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Millman         Richard                 co Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Milne           Henry                   sl Llanbadarn Vawr                     Aberystwyth
Milne           James                   pp                                     Milford Haven
Mirehouse       Jno.                    ar Brownslade                          Pembroke
Mirehouse       John, esq.              aa Brownslade                          Pembroke
Mitchell        Charles                 ip Feathers                            Aberayron
Mitchell        Elizabeth               md Queen street                        Carmarthen
Mitchell        Elizabeth               sw Queen street                        Carmarthen
Mitchell        Thomas                  gd High street                         Cardigan
Mitchell        Thomas                  ir High street                         Cardigan
Monkhouse       Wm. Cam. Esq.,          aa North parade                        Aberystwyth
Moore           Joseph & Thomas         cd Dock                                Pembroke
Moore           Joseph & Thomas         ws Dock                                Pembroke
Moore           William                 ms Ironfounder, High street            Aberystwyth
Morce           John                    sd Coast Waiter                        Aberayron
Morgan          Ann                     ta Cross                               Carmarthen
Morgan          Ann                     tp Rose and Crown, Goodwick            Fishguard
Morgan          Athelston               bf Cross                               Carmarthen
Morgan          Benjamin, gent.         aa Market street                       Haverfordwest
Morgan          Capt., James            aa Driffryn                            Fishguard
Morgan          Catherine               sd Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Morgan          Charles                 ar Town-hall chambers                  Carmarthen
Morgan          Charles, esq.,          aa Llwynteague                         Carmarthen
Morgan          David                   bm Bridge end                          Haverfordwest
Morgan          David                   cc Fame                                Carmarthen
Morgan          David                   jb Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Morgan          David                   bs Quay street                         Carmarthen
Morgan          David, esq.             aa Llandewy                            Narberth
Morgan          Elizabeth               bf                                     Milford Haven
Morgan          Elizabeth               tp Fishguard                           Milford Haven
Morgan          Evan                    sb Mwldan                              Cardigan
Morgan          Evan                    gt Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Morgan          George                  wh                                     Narberth
Morgan          Henry                   bl                                     Llanelly
Morgan          Isaac                   bz Blue street                         Carmarthen
Morgan          James                   ta                                     Llandovery
Morgan          James                   tp Cat & Bagpipes, Dew street          Haverfordwest
Morgan          James                   sd Slate merchant                      St. Dogmells
Morgan          Jane                    bs                                     Llandovery
Morgan          John                    ar                                     Llandovery
Morgan          John                    cj                                     Llandovery
Morgan          John                    gd                                     Llanelly
Morgan          John                    sm                                     Milford Haven
Morgan          John                    bu                                     Narberth
Morgan          John                    wc                                     Narberth
Morgan          John                    tp Angel, Bridge street                Haverfordwest
Morgan          John                    sd Boot & Shoe maker                   Newport
Morgan          John                    ha Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Morgan          John                    gt Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Morgan          John                    ta Cambrian place                      Carmarthen
Morgan          John                    sd Charity school                      Newport
Morgan          John                    bs Cross                               Carmarthen
Morgan          John                    ms Edge tool maker                     Llanelly
Morgan          John                    cj Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Morgan          John                    fd King street                         Carmarthen
Morgan          John                    gt King street                         Carmarthen
Morgan          John                    cc Post Office                         Llanelly
Morgan          John                    tp Three Horse Shoes                   Llanelly
Morgan          John                    tp White Lion, Great Darkgate street   Aberystwyth
Morgan          John Lloyd              ps High street                         Haverfordwest
Morgan          John Thomas             wc Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Morgan          Martha                  sd Baker                               Tenby
Morgan          Martha                  tp Lion, Dock                          Pembroke
Morgan          Martha                  cc Post Mistress                       Tenby
Morgan          Mary                    sd Strand                              Cardigan
Morgan          Miss.                   aa                                     Pembroke
Morgan          Morgan                  ac                                     Laugharne
Morgan          Morgan                  wh Llanbadarn Vawr                     Aberystwyth
Morgan          Mrs. Colonel            aa                                     Pembroke
Morgan          Mrs. Elizabeth          aa                                     Tenby
Morgan          Mrs. Mary               aa                                     Llangadock
Morgan          Mrs. Thomas             aa Bow street                          Aberystwyth
Morgan          Owen                    gd High street                         Cardigan
Morgan          Owen                    bs King street                         Carmarthen
Morgan          Peter                   sh Market street                       Haverfordwest
Morgan          Rd.                     tp Horse & Jockey, Bridge street       Aberystwyth
Morgan          Rev. Edward             aa Abergwilly                          Carmarthen
Morgan          Rev. John               aa Llanbadarn Vawr                     Aberystwyth
Morgan          Rev. Thomas             ac                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Morgan          Rev. Ths.               aa Llandilo                            Llandilo-Fawr
Morgan          Rev. William            aa Llampeter                           Narberth
Morgan          Rev. William            aa Vicarage                            Llandovery
Morgan          Richard                 sh Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Morgan          Richard                 su Llanbadarn Vawr                     Aberystwyth
Morgan          Richard                 ms Wheelwright                         Kidwelly
Morgan          Thomas                  ma                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Morgan          Thomas                  tm                                     Llandovery
Morgan          Thomas                  tp Angel                               Newcastle-in-Eml
Morgan          Thomas                  ar Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Morgan          Thomas                  sp Darkgate                            Carmarthen
Morgan          Thomas                  au Glanbrydan                          Llandilo-Fawr
Morgan          Thomas                  sh Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Morgan          Thomas                  bl Quay                                Carmarthen
Morgan          Thomas                  ms Slate merchant                      Kilgerran
Morgan          Thos.                   fo Guardian, Bridge street             Haverfordwest
Morgan          William                 tc                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Morgan          William                 gd                                     Narberth
Morgan          William                 tc                                     Narberth
Morgan          William                 sl Aberiffrwd                          Aberystwyth
Morgan          William                 ch Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Morgan          William                 sd King street                         Carmarthen
Morgan          William                 ma Lamphey                             Pembroke
Morgan          William                 ph Pier street                         Aberystwyth
Morgan          William                 tp Wheat Sheaf                         Llandovery
Morgan          William                 ip White Hart                          Llangadock
Morgan          William                 cl Wood street                         Carmarthen
Morgan          Wm.                     cu Great Darkgate street               Aberystwyth
Morgan          Wm. esq.,               aa Guild-hall square                   Carmarthen
Morgan & Owen                           sd Drapers                             Tenby
Morgans         Morgan                  pl                                     Llandilo-Fawr
Morgans         Morgan                  su                                     Llandovery
Morley          David                   cu Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Morrice         Frances                 sd Little Darkgate street              Aberystwyth
Morris          and Sons                ba King street                         Carmarthen
Morris          Ann                     sd Priory street                       Carmarthen
Morris          Celia                   md Quay street                         Carmarthen
Morris          Charlotte               sd Gloucester terrace                  Haverfordwest
Morris          David                   cp                                     Narberth
Morris          David                   bl Abergwilly                          Carmarthen
Morris          David                   tp Black Horse                         Llanelly
Morris          David                   sp Blue street                         Carmarthen
Morris          David                   cd Bridge street                       Aberystwyth
Morris          David                   tp Cock, Lamas street                  Carmarthen
Morris          David                   ms Cooper                              Kilgerran
Morris          David                   bl Prendergast                         Haverfordwest
Morris          Elizabeth               ac Portland street                     Aberystwyth
Morris          George                  bs Blue street                         Carmarthen
Morris          George                  gt Bridge                              Haverfordwest
Morris          Humphrey                tp Ivy Bush, Little Darkgate street    Aberystwyth
Morris          Humphrey                bl Little Darkgate street              Aberystwyth
Morris          Jacob                   pl High street                         Cardigan
Morris          James                   sp Darkgate                            Carmarthen
Morris          James                   ir Guildhall square                    Carmarthen
Morris          James                   tp Half Moon, Darkgate                 Carmarthen
Morris          James                   mi Horn's lane                         Haverfordwest
Morris          John                    bs                                     Pembroke
Morris          John                    ac Benevolent School                   St. David's
Morris          John                    bf Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Morris          John                    bw Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Morris          John                    ma Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Morris          John                    bz Lamas street                        Carmarthen
Morris          John                    tp Red Cow, Lamas street               Carmarthen
Morris          John                    ms Shoemaker                           Kilgerran
Morris          John                    ms Tailor                              Kidwelly
Morris          John                    ms Welch Charity School                Kilgerran
Morris          Lewis                   cc from the Black Lion yard            Cardigan
Morris          Lewis                   cc from the Swan                       Aberystwyth
Morris          Lewis Esq.,             aa Aberllolwyn                         Aberystwyth
Morris          Martha                  tp Waterford Packet                    Milford Haven
Morris          Martin                  ta Dew street                          Haverfordwest
Morris          Mary                    ip Cobourg                             Kidwelly
Morris          Matthew                 bu Bridge street                       Cardigan
Morris          Mrs.                    aa                                     Fishguard
Morris          Mrs.                    aa Hill street                         Haverfordwest
Morris          Mrs. Mary               aa                                     Kidwelly
Morris          Peter                   tp Coopers' Arms, Lamas street         Carmarthen
Morris          Rev. Ebenezer           aa Vicarage house                      Llanelly
Morris          Richard                 lw King street                         Carmarthen
Morris          Samuel, gent.           aa Lime grove                          Carmarthen
Morris          Sarah                   sd Bridge street                       Carmarthen
Morris          Sarah                   bf Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Morris          Sarah                   bw Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Morris          Sarah                   ma Bridge street                       Haverfordwest
Morris          Sybil                   tp New Inn, Lamas street               Carmarthen
Morris          Thomas                  sd Blacksmith                          Fishguard
Morris          Thomas                  tp Cardigan Arms                       Milford Haven
Morris          Thomas                  ms Shoemaker                           Kilgerran
Morris          Thomas                  pl St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Morris          Thomas, esq.            aa Trevigan                            St. Dogmells
Morris          Thomas, esq.,           aa Llanstephan                         Carmarthen
Morris          Ths.                    sd Boot, &c. maker, Solva              St. David's
Morris          William                 sd                                     Llanelly
Morris          William                 bh                                     Pembroke
Morris          William                 tp Bell, Cleveland row                 Haverfordwest
Morris          William                 sd Confectioner                        Tenby
Morrow          Thomas                  sd Tailor                              St. David's
Morse           David                   gt Northgate                           Haverfordwest
Morse           Francis                 tp Rose and Crown, Quay street         Cardigan
Morse           James                   ar Cross                               Cardigan
Morse           James                   cc Post Master, High street            Cardigan
Mortimer        James                   tn Mill bank                           Carmarthen
Mortimer        James & Co.,            cb Priory street                       Carmarthen
Mortimer        Thomas                  su                                     Fishguard
Moseley         William                 ta                                     Milford Haven
Moss            and Son                 cm Blue street                         Carmarthen
Moss            and Son                 if Blue street                         Carmarthen
Moss            John                    sd Priory street                       Carmarthen
Moss            William                 ir Lower Market street                 Carmarthen
Moss            William                 cj St. Mary street                     Cardigan
Moxey           Francis                 sd Blacksmith                          Tenby
Mumford         Frances                 tp Coopers' Arms                       Milford Haven
Mumford         William                 cp                                     Milford Haven
Murphy          James                   ih Commercial                          Milford Haven
Musson          Spencer                 tp Three Compasses, Lamas street       Carmarthen


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