Dyfed Alumni Oxonienses 1715 - 1886

This extract of Dyfed students, from a reproduction on CD of the four volumes of Alumni Oxonienses 1715-1886, makes available a very important resource for family historians. Another CD, covering the 4 volumes for the years 1500-1714, is also available. They have both been published by the Archive CD Books Project. This was set up in March 2000 to make reproductions of old books, maps and documents available to genealogists and historians. It is a non-profit making organisation and revenue earned goes towards putting further books onto CD and to provide money to record offices, museums and libraries for restoration work on books in their collection.

It is the result of a mammoth task carried out in the second half of the 19th Century by the genealogist, Joseph Foster (1844-1905). The core source of information is the Oxford Matriculation Register. In his introduction, Joseph Foster asserts the value of this as contemporary and original evidence as opposed to other sources of genealogical information such as Heralds' Visitations. The point he makes is that each entry in the Register was made at the time a student entered the university, and so the information on the whole is likely to be reliable. Each entry gives the name of the student, his age, and the name and residence of his father. It is important to note that the residence given for the father is where he resided at the time of the child's birth, and it was not necessarily his usual residence. To this basic information Joseph Foster added information from other sources. He worked through the lists of degrees conferred by the University and matched them up to the names in the matriculation entry. Other biographical details included details of all Oxford men called to the bar between 1715 and 1886, all Parliamentary Service and information relating to 19th century clergymen derived from the pages of the Gentleman's Magazine.

The pages, accessed below by surname range, have been extracted and transcribed by Jonathan Pike. All references to the Dyfed students have been included plus individuals who are known to be connected to Dyfed familes.

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