Dyfed marriage index 1813-1837

This index contains the names of all persons known to have married in Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire and Pemrokeshire in the period 1813-37. The original record of marriage may be found in the registers for the appropriate parish {or in the bishop's transcripts where those registers are missing or defective). A fairly full transcript of all the marriages can be consulted in documents deposited by the Society at the National Library of Wales, the Haverfordwest Record Office and the Society of Genealogists. However, researchers are advised to consult the original record whenever possible. The location of the original documents may be found by reference to "The Parish Registers of Wales" by C J Williams and John Watts-Williams, NLW etc, 1986.

Each person is listed alphabetically, first by surname (in CAPITAL LETTERS) and then by forename(s) (in lower case). Each forename is followed by one or more reference. That reference is in two parts; the first part gives the year in which the marriage of a person of that name took place; the second indicates (in code form) the parish within the Hundred in which it took place.

The index is divided into separate files for each Hundred. There are then separate sections for brides and grooms.

Occasionally there will be more than one marriage in a parish in a given year involving a bride or groom with a particular name, when this occurs the two-part reference is followed by the number of such marriages in square brackets thus - [3]. Normally however there will be only one reference e.g.

AKEHURST William: 1835(PMA)

This indicates that William AKEHURST was married in 1835 in the parish of Pembroke St Mary. Codes for the parishes can be seen on this page

Most surnames in Wales are not, however, as unusual as the above example. With a more common surname, and the possibility that only an approximate date of marriage may be known, the process of identification becomes more tedious. If the bride's maiden name is known - or where she has an unusual forename - it will be possible to eliminate those references in the male index for which there is no suitable identical reference in the female index.

Parish register transcripts

Transcripts of the parish registers for marriages 1813 - 1837 are available at record offices. Members of Dyfed FHS can view the transcripts of the parish registers here.

Parts of the index

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Ilar (upper) hundred, Males Ilar (upper) hundred, Females
Ilar (lower) hundred, Males Ilar (lower) hundred, Females
Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn hundred, Males Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn hundred, Females
Moyddyn hundred, Males Moyddyn hundred, Females
Pennarth hundred, Males Pennarth hundred, Females
Troedyraur hundred, Males Troedyraur hundred, Females
Carnwallon hundred, Males Carnwallon hundred, Females
Cathinog hundred, Males Cathinog hundred, Females
Cayo hundred, Males Cayo hundred, Females
Derllys hundred, Males Derllys hundred, Females
Elvet hundred, Males Elvet hundred, Females
Iscennin hundred, Males Iscennin hundred, Females
Kidwelly hundred, Males Kidwelly hundred, Females
Perfedd hundred, Males Perfedd hundred, Females
Castlemartin hundred, Males Castlemartin hundred, Females
Cemais hundred, Males Cemais hundred, Females
Cilgerran hundred, Males Cilgerran hundred, Females
Dewisland hundred, Males Dewisland hundred, Females
Dungleddy hundred, Males Dungleddy hundred, Females
Narberth hundred, Males Narberth hundred, Females
Rhos hundred, Males Rhos hundred, Females

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